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  1. Would it be rude to email and ask if the interviews were sent out already for UC Davis? They did say the 23rd so I'm assuming nothing changed or they would have emailed again?
  2. Still haven't heard anything from UC Davis, the email they sent the last time to assume rejection if not heard from by the 25th, so maybe they anticipated being further behind.
  3. Yeah should be 1 soon, I'm not sure what time they'd send them out but I think they sent the other email (about the process being delayed) right when I left work at 5 pm so 2 pm there.
  4. Have you heard anything yet? I haven't :/ but I'm in NC so I guess it seems later in the day
  5. I'm guessing I didn't make the cut, I applied to Individual Differences. Did they already send out invitation emails?
  6. Has anyone heard from UC Santa Barbara Cognitive, or UT Austin?
  7. I had a skype interview and they suggested I email the current lab members and ask them about their experience. Any help on what I should ask and how I should format it? I overthink these things.
  8. Same, definitely only read the part that showed up on the notifications section of my phone and thought it was a mass rejection
  9. I'm in a similar boat. I'm guessing you mean Berkeley if you submitted yesterday. I will exchange with you if you're applying to any other UC schools though!
  10. Willing to swap or help with yours if you help with mine! Attending the University of North Carolina at ______ I began my undergraduate career with the intention of obtaining a degree in Psychology. This decision was based on my general interest in the brain and human behavior. After completing my second year I decided to double major in Biology due to my desire to understand the brain at its’ most fundamental level. As I advanced through my degrees and questioned what type of career I would like to pursue I became increasingly interested in the experimental side of neuroscience. I was pa
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