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  1. Hey, thanks for starting the thread! This is also my second time applying for PhD programs. I applied to a couple of schools last year but wasn't as prepared as I needed to be. I graduated from my undergraduate degree (UK) in December and I am currently working as a research assistant on a few different projects to gain some additional experience before applying again for 2020 entry. My area of interest is language and cognitive development in early childhood, especially the development of word-learning heuristics and bilingualism. I am still deciding on my full list of universities to a
  2. Yeah I will be applying for 2020 entry (I also applied last year and didn't get in). I'm from the UK and will be applying in the UK, US and probably Canada
  3. Yeah me too! Congratulations! Would you mind sending me the POI initials?
  4. Thank you for replying and congratulations on your interview! I applied for the Developmental concentration but with a lot of overlap with Cognition. Is the interview with a particular POI? If so, would you mind sharing or DM me the initials
  5. Yeah, if either of the people are on here, I'd really appreciate knowing that too!
  6. Yeah, I've been doing this all day haha. I'm guessing that it will be delayed slightly this year as the application deadline was delayed last minute.
  7. Ah yeah, that definitely does make it even more unclear. From previous years, it seems like the psychology department emails for interviews around the same time as announcements for KHS. I do remember them saying during one of the information sessions that your application to the department has to standalone without considering the scholarship but I don't know how that can work with those dates though. Best of luck with it!
  8. I imagine we still have to interview for the PhD program as the interviews seem to happen around the same time as the immersion weekend for Knight-Hennessy. Also, it seems like the two processes are quite separate until the end stage of review. I'm mostly guessing though as it doesn't seem to say anywhere specifically.
  9. Yeah, I'd love to know this too. Congratulations!
  10. Hey, are any of the people that posted unofficial interviews on the results page for Berkeley here? If so, could you DM me your POI's initials? Thanks!
  11. Hey, are any of the people that posted unofficial interviews on the results page for Berkeley here? If so, could you DM me your POI's initials? Thanks!
  12. I did and mine says complete. I'm an international applicant so I asked administration at my university to send my transcript (unofficial though as I am still in my final year) in the post to arrive by December 1st. I also applied for the Knight-Hennessy Scholarship for Stanford and based on the information I received whilst applying for that, Stanford seems to wait until mid-January before sending anything out
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