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  1. Not awarded, 1st year student E/VG VG/VG, E/VG I got some good feedback (including someone who thought I had a 4.0 grad GPA--lol, I had no reported graduate scores at the point when I applied) and was overall mentioned as a strong candidate. Probably should've detailed my outreach plans better! Oh well, live and learn. I'm disappointed too but please remember, it's all a crapshoot and it isn't "rigged" and nobody is "out to get you". It's a large pool of candidates and if you didn't get it it's not personal!
  2. That was me last season! It's not a fun feeling, but everything will work out. PM me if you'd like to talk.
  3. No, just no interview email. So many people posted their interview notices at once yesterday that I figured it was a one-time mass email, though it may be coming in waves. I don't want to be too greedy since I've already had good interviews and acceptances...but I'd love to have the choice to stay in Boston for personal reasons.
  4. Aw dammit, looks like no interview from BU for me then.
  5. Do you know if they're still planning on the Feb 24-26 interview weekend? Seems a bit of a tight fit. Honestly this doesn't make me very confident in the BU GPN's administration. Something hinky's going on.
  6. I haven't heard either, and I don't see anything in the database (except someone about to lose their shit lol). I guess they're going to make us wait for it this year.
  7. This is terribly embarrassing, but I managed to apply and interview without realizing they were separate programs. I am being considered for the neuroscience PhD through the medical school and the DelMonte Institute of Neuroscience.
  8. Currently at the first interview for Rochester (and stuck here, it's snowing quite hard, but that's another story) and it seems like they've finalized the interview list, sorry! 16 people in the first interview and 19 in the second interview.
  9. UNC BBSP has sent all interviews, they have a waitlist and people might be coming off it until mid-January. I think someone asked the admissions department. BU, if you mean Boston University Graduate Program in Neuroscience, won't be out til end of January.
  10. I worked as a undergrad tech in two labs which gave me a bunch of mouse experience, so I got hired on as a colony manager. I applied to maybe 20-30 jobs and got 2-3 interviews and took this one because of the location and research. It's a tiny lab so it didn't take much time until I was able to lead projects and plan experiments. My advice is to talk up your experience without lying, and apply to any job even if you don't feel you meet the requirements. You can be trained, especially if you're dedicated and you have even a little related experience.
  11. My mentors have been wonderful to me and I'm sure your would be too. After going through a rough patch after not getting any interviews last round, one mentor contacted the admissions office on my behalf and gave me some really important notes and tips for this round. My current PI gave me a hug and reminded me that she had worked as a seamstress for ten years between her master's degree and PhD. An undergrad mentor told me that she also took three rounds to get into a PhD program (she's currently TT-faculty) and that she knew I was a good scientist and would make it there. Your mentors
  12. I'm an RA/lab manager. This would be my third year in this position. I meant to go straight from undergrad to PhD, worked as an undergrad RA for many years and even published as an undergrad, but I got very sick senior year of university and wasn't able to apply. Worked for a year as a medical lab tech, applied to grad school, got into a few places but realized I had no idea what I was doing and probably wasn't in a good place to start graduate school, and the school that accepted me wasn't a great fit anyway. So I turned down that school, quit my job, took a job in research, worked a yea
  13. Nope, round number 3 in 4 years! Goddamn but I've earned putting 'tenacious' on my personal statements.
  14. I applied to GPN, yep! Monday to Wednesday is actually a good idea--unable to get an overlap with the traditional Thursday-Saturday interview. No clue, though they are all moderately different. Behavioral neuro is especially clinical/human research focused and in another school might be part of the psych department.
  15. Monday-Wednesday? Interesting strategy! Fingers crossed
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