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  1. I received a funding offer from Georgetown as well. I believe in the funding letter it states that the funding is for the first two semesters but other people have posted in this forum / the McCourt forum that the offer is renewable. Unless you've been specifically told that it's only for the first year you should confirm with McCourt that you'll have the opportunity to renew your funding offer the 2nd year. Additionally, if you're deciding between these two schools it's helpful to remember that GWU, McCourt, & American all allow you to take courses at each other's policy schools. Obviously, you would only want to do this 1-2x and should be so excited about where you're going that you only want to take classes there... but if there is one class or specialty that one school has that you don't want to miss out on this is an option!
  2. Has anyone heard back about reimbursement for travel to admitted students day?
  3. Coming From: Data Scientist in market research. Academic background in education policy. Deciding Between: HKS ($0 - total tuition expected to pay ~100K) Harris ($20/year scholarship - total tuition expected to pay ~60K) Heinz MSPPM DC Track (65% scholarship - total tuition expected to pay ~34K) McCourt MPP (50% scholarship - total tuition expected to pay~56K) Other Factors: I want a program that is both quantitative and leadership oriented and that allows me to take classes / do research that has a national and international focus. How I'm leaning: In my heart, I want to go to HKS. It is my dream school and I don't want to pass up on that experience because of $$. However, I don't want to be limited in my post-grad opportunities because of student loan payments and $100K is A LOT of money. I'm negotiating with Harris to see if I can get a better offer (using my Duke offer of 32K / year + 4K apprenticeship) and I'm leaning away from McCourt and Heinz completely. So really it's going to come down to Harris or HKS and my willingness to take on student loans for the school I really want.
  4. I was expecting to see a disappointing financial aid offer if admitted but it doesn't make it easier. The tuition costs are definitely a tough pill to swallow though (esp. compared to my other offers which allow me to attend Sanford / Harris / Heinz for 20-40K total). I know it would be a crazy financial decision but I'm not willing to drop HKS from the list just yet. Anyone else in the same boat and considering taking on this much debt for the opportunity to study at Harvard?
  5. The one last year seems to just say that they read out every applicants name and decision status to double-check that everything is correct before the release to the website.
  6. At the admitted students day in Feb. they mentioned that the pay is $15-$18(ish) / hour depending on your experience and what you bring to the RAship. They also mentioned that you can only work 19 hours a week on campus. For TA (2nd year only) it's 3K a quarter.
  7. I think we'll have the name reading post today and results tomorrow. Others on this thread have pointed out that spring break is next week & we're already bumping against the mid-march deadline so it won't be next week.
  8. They were ranked last year in public policy analysis as #3 - not sure why they were dropped from that list.
  9. I recommend posting this in the Harris 2019 channel instead of as its own topic.
  10. It seems to be a strict one post-per-day rule. So if those in this forum are correct that would leave two more days for the admitted students & name reading posts and then decisions on Friday..
  11. A quant job is the plan 👍
  12. I was initially interested in American primarily because of its location in D.C. The benefit of location can outweigh the school depending on your short and long term goals. I went to a smaller undergraduate institution to be closer to my state's capital and don't regret it. However, I am leaning away from American now and towards Heinz and Harris because I want my graduate education to be quantitatively rigorous.
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