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  1. eutectic_points

    Materials Science and Engineering Applicant Profiles for 2019 Admission

    Aww thanks, that really means a lot to me!! Go materials science nerds!!!
  2. eutectic_points

    Harvard SEAS Fall 2019

    Don't forget that some faculty members make their decision without conducting any interviews at all. It could simply be a case that all the faculty members for whom you are a good 'fit' just customarily don't interview! I don't think any acceptance letters have come out yet, so don't lose hope
  3. eutectic_points

    Favorite podcasts ?

    Not a podcast, but Philip Guo has an excellent Youtube channel where he talks about the grad school experience (time management, goal setting, job searches, impostor syndrome etc.) I appreciate his frankness as well as the personal experiences he draws from; it is definitely reassuring to hear a tenure-track professor speak so vulnerably about his own struggles. He does have his own podcast though, which has some episodes about graduate school, but is mainly about computer science.
  4. eutectic_points

    Harvard SEAS Fall 2019

    My POI works on soft materials. All the best with your application too!
  5. eutectic_points

    Materials Science and Engineering Applicant Profiles for 2019 Admission

    I'm also applying for materials science programs. I don't really believe in comparing profiles, but I was wondering if anybody has heard back from schools recently?
  6. eutectic_points

    Harvard SEAS Fall 2019

    I am also applying to the Materials Science track! I had a Skype interview with a POI two days ago. He explained that all PIs submit a shortlist of candidates at the end of January, following which all the shortlisted candidates are reviewed by a central committee. We should be hearing back mid-February. If you haven't heard from any faculty members re: interviews, I wouldn't stress out at this stage. How each faculty member decides on their shortlist is up to them; some choose to interview, and others make their decision based purely on the written application.

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