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  1. nz1996

    Vancouver, BC

    Thank you so much for all the information! What if I ride the 99 bus on the first stop which is close to Commercial-Broadway station? This is where 99 bus seems to start its path according to Google Map and I thought I may even be able to get a seat on the bus if I can ride from the first stop? Also, looking at the map, Hasting-Sunrise seems a good option for us too but I have heard that East Hastings is unsafe and full of homeless people. Meantime, East Hastings is a long street, is it really unsafe through all the East Hastings st? or just the part that is close to Downtown is the unsafe part?
  2. nz1996

    Vancouver, BC

    My partner and I are moving to Vancouver in late August to start our graduate studies. I am going to attend UBC and he is going to attend SFU. We want to rent a place together, which neighborhoods are more suitable for us? I was thinking of Commercial Drive but our budget is maximum 1500 CAD per month.
  3. Hi everyone, I have been admitted to the MASc program at the ECE department of UBC. A friend of mine who had been admitted to this program 2 years ago, told me the funding is 28K per year and I will be receiving 3.2K as International Tuition Award so when I pay 8.8K tuition fee I will still have around 21K for my own expenses per year. I also asked my professor and she told me that I will be receiving a 21K stipend. I misunderstood the professor's sentence when she mentioned "stipend" and I thought that she has done the same calculation as me so she is announcing the funding that will be left for me after paying the tuition fee. Now that I have received the official funding letter, I realized that I will be receiving 21K from the professor as an RA, not 28K that my friend had told me and even if I receive the International Tuition Award(which has not been assigned to me yet but I have all the eligibility criteria for receiving it) I will be left with 15.4K per year which is not so good! I have offers from Waterloo and USC and they are both offering me higher fundings, especially USC. Should I ask my professor to increase my RAship funding? should I tell her about my Waterloo and USC offers that are paying more?
  4. I also somehow have the same situation. I interviewed a POI over Skype and it went fine. The prof seemed very interested and asked me to do a task. I sent her the task but have not heard back yet. Meanwhile, I have received an official offer from a university in the same city and I have to accept or reject that offer in 10 days. Is it appropriate if I send an email to the POI and tell her about the situation and ask her about the status of my application?
  5. nz1996

    how to tell the POI I have changed my mind

    Yes, it may be already too late but I think there is still a chance. The professor told me that I was his "best applicant"! If I was the kinda careful person, I would have been more careful when choosing a boyfriend :)))
  6. nz1996

    how to tell the POI I have changed my mind

    As I recall the professor finished our interview with this exact sentence:"Thanks for informing me so I found out that you either will come to our school with your partner or none of you will come"
  7. more than a month ago I had an interview with a professor who told me that I was his best applicant and the interview went really well. At the end of the interview, he asked me if there is anything else I want to say and I told him that I am applying to this university with my partner and I will attend this university only if my partner is accepted there too. As a result, the professor has not sent me any offers yet! a couple of weeks ago I sent him an email and asked him about the status of my application and he did not answer. last week I broke up with my partneršŸ˜… Now I want to tell the professor that I have changed my mind and I do not care if my partner gets accepted at that university or not. Should I do this? how should I announce this to the professor? My partner may not get accepted at that university at all and I guess the professor is not willing to give me an offer unless he finds out that my partner is accepted.
  8. nz1996

    Caltech Computer Science PhD

    I have applied for the CS program at CalTech too but I have not heard back from them. Though, I do not think that my background is good enough for CalTech. IT was just a big shot for me worth trying.
  9. nz1996

    UC's let's gather here -- CS PhD

    I have applied for UCI, UCLA and USC. All for the CS program. I have not heard from any of them while I am seeing people getting acceptance from USC since last week. Even some friends of mine have received fellowships from USC. That kinda freaks me out!
  10. nz1996

    UTornto Computer Science MSc F19

    Anyone here has applied for PhD-direct? Is it possible that we get offers from more than one professor? Right now, the professor whose name I hade mentioned as the first potential supervisor has contacted me but I have found out that I am more interested in working with another professor whose name was second in my potential supervisors' list. Besides, how strict is the provisional offer thing of UofT because they have mentioned on their website that they will give provisional offers to whoever is studying for their final year. They say that they will not accept a student is his/her GPA of the final year is not above B+/A-.

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