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  1. nz1996

    Caltech Computer Science PhD

    I have applied for the CS program at CalTech too but I have not heard back from them. Though, I do not think that my background is good enough for CalTech. IT was just a big shot for me worth trying.
  2. nz1996

    UC's let's gather here -- CS PhD

    I have applied for UCI, UCLA and USC. All for the CS program. I have not heard from any of them while I am seeing people getting acceptance from USC since last week. Even some friends of mine have received fellowships from USC. That kinda freaks me out!
  3. nz1996

    UTornto Computer Science MSc F19

    Anyone here has applied for PhD-direct? Is it possible that we get offers from more than one professor? Right now, the professor whose name I hade mentioned as the first potential supervisor has contacted me but I have found out that I am more interested in working with another professor whose name was second in my potential supervisors' list. Besides, how strict is the provisional offer thing of UofT because they have mentioned on their website that they will give provisional offers to whoever is studying for their final year. They say that they will not accept a student is his/her GPA of the final year is not above B+/A-.

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