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  1. soooooo how's everyone doing? I think the worst part of this stage is not knowing when we'll hear back. Wishing everyone good news!
  2. that clears things up a bit - thanks so much!
  3. Can anyone clarify some university politics to me? I spoke with a PI at a university I applied to and they told me they make decisions after they have a meeting with the department and a meeting with the field. What does this mean? Is this an peculiarity for this one university or a common division? Any clarity would be helpful!
  4. This year might be different but last time I applied there was a huge variety in the times I heard back from schools. I got an interview in January, and started getting rejections in February, but didn't receive my final rejection until late March. All that to say, I don't think that not having heard anything at this point is a sign of anything. Many schools take their time.
  5. I also had one interview last time I went through the application process. For me this included my PI (an archaeologist) and the graduate program chair (a philologist). The PI asked me primarily about my research interests, the limitations of different methodologies, the theorists I have read, and questions along that line. The other professors asked exclusively about my language experience and how I planned to compensate for my lack of experiences in the languages. If there are any obvious lacunae in your CV (like there were in mine) I think it's important for you to be able to speak to how y
  6. Hi all! No news here, but thought I would join in the conversation! Several of my top choice schools were not taking applications this year. I considered not sending out applications at all and waiting until next year, as I didn't want to feel like I might have missed the opportunity to go to my top choice institutions because of COVID. Ultimately, I ended up applying to one school as it was the only one of my top choices that was accepting applications, and I decided I would rather wait another year then compromise on where I end up. In a normal year I would never only send out one applicatio
  7. Hey all, Congratulations to all those accepted! Archaeologist here. I've gotten only rejections thus far - UNC, Michigan IPCAA, Stanford. I've yet to hear back from Brown, Penn, Cornell or Berkeley but do not expect good news. I had two interviews with Cornell, and then never heard back - but I know they've already sent on their acceptances so I'm not hopeful. When do you think is an appropriate time to send an inquiry about the status of my application? My POI at Stanford was actually very kind and sent an email saying that while they liked my application and thought I would be a good f
  8. Congrats to all those getting interviews and admits!! I interviewed with cornell early in january. They told me their committee would meet on 1/22 and would send out their decisions by the end of this week, but I haven't heard anything from them. Anyone else waiting on cornell?? (I'm an archaeologist)
  9. I've applied to the Joukowsky Institute as well, but no word yet. So far, Cornell is the only school I've heard from for an interview.
  10. I'm so sorry! Are you waiting to hear back from other programs? It sounds like we're in a similar boat. I'm also applying for classical archaeology programs and am not as prepared in the ancient languages as they seem to expect - if you don't mind me asking, what are the initials of your POI at Cornell? I'm still waiting to hear back.
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