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  1. Hi everyone, 

    Would anyone be able to provide me with any encouraging words about moving to Ann Arbor? I'm starting my PhD there in the fall and am really having a hard time looking forward to moving to a small town. 

    For reference, I'm Canadian and I've lived in Toronto and NYC, and am currently living in London. I don't drive and am not really in a financial position to buy a car and start doing it. I'm really used to being able to take super easy transit all around a city and having lots of interesting cultural things to do or tons of different restaurants and nightlife destinations, and just generally being in a big city. I've visited once last year for a few days, and found the whole thing a bit claustrophobic. I'm just really not a small town person. 

    I'm trying to do research into it and I'm not really finding much to work with. The internet just keeps telling me it's a family friendly place (I'm finding this hard to take as anything other than it's boring, things close early and there are a lot of children around), easily walkable (this did not seem to be the case when I was there--there were so many highways and roads with no sidewalks and I swear 1/3 of the land was just parking lots), and better than other small towns in the Mid-West (which I can't help thinking is a bit of a low bar in this respect). Unfortunately I'm not really in to college sports either, so that whole thing is lost on me. It also seems difficult to get to other place around Ann Arbor without a car. The only option to Detroit was the Greyhound? And none of this seems to be made up by cheap rental prices either, given the captive market of students. 

    People seem not to hate Ann Arbor though, so I feel like maybe I'm missing something. Is there an arts scene at all? What are the bars like (that aren't sports bars)? Are there areas that aren't crawling with undergrad frat boys? Is the food scene any good (I'm vegetarian)? Any good places to go dancing? Does everyone just take ubers and they're super cheap or something? 

    I mean, I guess it's only a four hour train to Chicago, but that's hardly commuting distance. 

    Does anyone have anything to say that makes the next 5+ years of my life seem less like a yawning expanse of boredom and me trying desperately to spend time elsewhere? 

    Would really appreciate any tips at all! 



  2. Just now, scdaaljobe said:

    Based on the results page it looks like several acceptances and rejections went out on February 6th. I also haven't heard back from them but I'm assuming at this point it's a no.

    Are you talking just about NYU? Or have I missed something with Columbia? I didn't think anything from them had gone out at all. 

  3. Just now, Tobz said:

    So I take from this that it did not go down that way last year?

    I mean, maybe it did? (I only found gradcafe this year, for better or worse)

    Basically my point is that the rest of the decisions should be coming out this week, and I'm not holding out too much hope.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Tobz said:

    Anybody here still thinking that not having heard from northwestern at this point may mean anything but a rejection? 

    I mean, it seems like they'll mostly be rejections? I applied last year and was rejected on Feb 22nd. But logically, I just CAN'T imagine why they would have SOME rejections, but not all of them. So like, maybe there are very few admits left, but mostly rejections? 

    Does anyone know if they waitlist? I don't think they do, but I'm not 100% sure. 

  5. Just now, trinityshot said:

    How can we get people to stop posting forum comments on the survey? There are sometimes 3 "results" that are just communications in between actual results the survey was meant for. It's making it harder for posterity to understand the results

    I tried to post on there asking for people to stop, but my computer wouldn't let me for some reason. Also tbf that would have been adding to the noise. But seriously, it's really fucking annoying. 

  6. Just now, TheBunny said:

    I feel you. My friend and I are in exactly the same situation. I e-mailed last week, and they told me the results would be out soon. However, it has been a total week, and there is nothing. I am 99% sure that I will get rejected. I just want my closure. 

    This is how I feel about Northwestern. It's been THREE WEEKS since they released some (all?) acceptances and a few rejections, and then NOTHING. It's driving me INSANNNEEEE.

  7. Anyone know anything at all about Northwestern? There's another acceptance on the survey page from the 23rd, but there don't seem to have been any rejections since that first wave. I know most of their rejections came out around Feb 22nd last year, so I'm not exactly hopeful at this point, but I don't understand what they're doing with all these other applications. 

  8. 6 minutes ago, sandmoon said:

    who here hasn't gotten an acceptance? feeling kinda lonely here seeing all the acceptances. (congrats to those who got in to places!)

    Me! Northwestern is the only one I applied to that's even released anything yet, and they seem to be doing that in batches for maximum stress purposes. So far haven't heard anything at all! 

  9. 1 minute ago, peggy.olson said:

    I know they're closed because of the weather, but I can't believe we haven't heard anything from Northwestern, still... Driving me crazy!

    Me too! I thought about emailing them to ask if all acceptances are out, but then remembered they're closed.

    Does anyone KNOW if all the acceptances have gone out? Last year there waaasss a big gap between the first acceptances and the rejections, but it did seem like more acceptances had been posted by that time, and they didn't all come out in one day. 

  10. 3 minutes ago, BritishPS said:

    Same boat here, kind of resigning myself to the fact I haven't got in to it now. I think if we were going to be accepted then we'd have heard back on Wednesday.

    How do we check if its been updated anyway? My status still just says: payment accepted, form submitted successfully.

    In previous years they have gone out over the course of a few days, not all at once. I'd be surprised if Wednesday was all the acceptances, especially because it's so early in the cycle still. 

    Although it's possible I'm just desperate and deluding myself. Oh well...

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