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  1. Technically, yes, although the funding package isn't quite as good as I've seen some other schools offer.
  2. What do y'all think about picking between a full-tuition-scholarship offer for a Master's program (at a top-10 university) and a PhD offer from a mid-tier (~25th in rankings) program?
  3. Thoughts on CIR full tuition aid package vs Vanderbilt? (CP and IR)
  4. Yes! Just got the email and I'm over the moon
  5. Just checking: are you asking because you've heard about acceptances from Vanderbilt?
  6. What's the general wisdom on follow-up e-mails after an interview? I had a Vandy interview and didn't have the adequate chance to address one question/concern I thought deserved some more in-depth discussion. Would it be crazy/inappropriate to send a follow-up e-mail addressing that concern?
  7. Almost identical situation. Same schools, same rejections.
  8. anyone here still sitting on no acceptances? i'm despairing and considering applying for an emergency masters. anyone know of any programs still taking applications?
  9. Should I assume, if i haven't heard from princeton or Berkeley today, that it is a rejection?
  10. Hi all, first-time applier here (Comparative Politics PhD applicant). What's the general wisdom on writing samples: should I include works cited/appendices in the page count? Should I include them at all?
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