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  1. You might want to rethink how you treat people who ask honest, harmless questions on a forum meant to help others. Maybe people like you are the problem. In your very first post, you imply that I'm someone that thinks I'm more important than everyone else. Everyone else was extremely helpful--you are the only one who hasn't been. Right back at you.
  2. Next time I will be sure to preface my question with a disclaimer that I only seek advice from people who aren't miserable. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  3. Hello, I have a question regarding word and page count guidelines. Some Statement of Purpose guidelines say to keep it under 500 words, but people on this forum have indicated that it is not necessary to strictly adhere to these restrictions. Some program websites have also gone out of their way to say it is not a strict cutoff, while others don't specify. The same applies for word/page counts on writing samples. If this is the case, what would you say the limit is? For example, for a 500 limit, is 600 too far over the threshold? 700? 800? I typically follow the rules provided, so I automatically don't feel extremely comfortable submitting anything over 500 in this case. My current letter as stands is ~700 words and I am not eager to cut any of it down any further, but I am also hesitant to submit something ~40% larger than requested. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone- quick question regarding LOR requests. Upon filling out my applications, I realized I sent one of my requests to an erroneous email (for simplicity sake, let's say I used .com instead of .edu when typing it in). The program does not allow me to change the email after a request has been sent, so I had to "exclude" that recommendation and subsequently resend a different, correct one. The correct one is now successfully submitted. My question is - will this "excluded" request be visible by those reviewing the application and could it possibly be viewed negatively -- indicating carelessness? If this is the case, should I contact the school and see if there is a way they can manually remove the excluded request from my application package? Or am I being silly and this is nothing to worry about? Thanks for the help!
  5. Thanks for the response, I agree with you about submitting if it's optional. There are some that say writing sample is optional for me as well and I plan to submit. My bigger question is the diversity statement... since I have to prepare it for some of the programs it'd be easy enough to provide to others I'm applying--and I do think the content of the diversity statement could benefit me. However, I'm just a little concerned the reception would go something like: "Huh, we didn't ask for this."
  6. Hi everyone, For some of the programs I'm applying to, a "diversity statement" or "personal statement" is required in addition to the standard Statement of Purpose. However, for schools that only ask for the Statement of Purpose, there is a field where I can attach additional documents. Would it be wise to provide a diversity statement to a school that isn't asking for it? Similarly, if a school is not asking for a writing sample, what are your opinions on providing one in the space to upload supplemental files? Basically, long question short is: to what extent should you/should you not upload supplemental files not specifically requested? Could it ever hurt to provide more? Thanks!
  7. I hear you and completely agree. If it's something I can see beforehand, I plan to do my best to avoid that situation altogether. Ultimately though, I'd like to understand the methodological differences. Looking in from the outside, I can understand some might prefer quantitative vs. qualitative analysis, some might have a stronger focus on formal models, but I want to know if there are specific schools of thought which can be applied? I'm just looking for some guidance in that regard so I can better distinguish it myself based on the faculty research interests, publications, etc. as I look into programs.
  8. Hi everyone: I was hoping to get some opinions on the best strategy when applying to methodologically divided departments. After speaking with a current PhD student, he seemed to imply that the department is split and a lot of your research will depend on the professors you get grouped in with from the beginning (this is a top program). He went as far as to suggest there was an underlying resentment/hostility between faculty, which makes me second guess whether or not that's the place I want to be -- but I plan to apply regardless and I've also heard that other programs may have similar atmospheres. (I guess you don't truly know until you're there) With that said, as an applicant, how important is it to be aware of these methodological splits? Can some of you help me navigate what types of splits there frequently are in programs and how that may influence the way an admissions committee views my application? If it matters, I'll be applying to IR subfield. Thanks for your help.
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