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  1. They just had accepted students weekend and I think all admission offers have been made, but not 100%.
  2. Perfect because that's what I was thinking. Thank you!
  3. Thank you! I just know it'll be blooming cold so I'm trying to mentally prepare myself.
  4. So just out of curiosity, how professional should I dress for a visitation weekend? I'm going to UC Boulder's visit next week and don't really know the formalities, what to pack, etc. Some insight would be most appreciative.
  5. Any idea when American's SPA info is coming out?
  6. My status online hasn't changed, I think it said that it had to be fully approved by DGS before it would change online. The email seemed generic but it was from the Director of Graduate Studies and had a personalized letter describing my funding package.
  7. Also claiming a Maryland admit - American subfield
  8. Accepted at CU Boulder, rejected at UVA - American subfield
  9. Anymore news from Colorado Boulder?
  10. All it says is submitted on the application portal
  11. I have yet to hear from either
  12. Waiting on Colorado and UVA. Thoroughly anxious and thoroughly annoyed.
  13. @Dwar I don't have a status tab either; my application just says submitted.
  14. Just realized I had the wrong year for my graduate degree confirmation date on my resume. RIP.
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