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  1. EDIT: Forgot to note — I graduated in spring 2018, and took a year off in between undergrad and grad to work as an RA PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: SLAC known for sending students to PhDs Major(s)/Minor(s): Political science Undergrad GPA: 3.67 (my school is known for major grade deflation, tho — this GPA put me in the top 10 percent of the graduating class) GRE: 166 V / 156 Q / 5.5 Any Special Courses: I took a lot of political science classes and had a 4.0 in my major (around 10 classes, most of which were 300+ level), and I took five grad-level research seminars (i.e., you r
  2. Yes, definitely was not thinking of reneging on Duke - I'm still very excited to go and meet with everyone, but also a little sad about missing Columbia — but I will go ahead and email them like you said, thanks!! Thanks for the advice, everyone - its good to know I'm not the only one! And congrats to everyone, again!!!!
  3. Also, following up on my question about conflicting visit days — I'm deciding between two T10 ranked (but tied) programs, one of which I already decided was my top choice. However, the other program had gotten back to me first and already booked me a flight, etc to their visit weekend. My top choice's visit weekend is at the exact same time. Any advice?
  4. FINALLY rejected from Northwestern lmao
  5. Also, does anyone have advice on overlapping visit days? Columbia is my top choice but is at the same time as a visit day I already registered for (and they already bought flight tickets for me as well).
  6. Claiming a Columbia acceptance!!!! I've never been more excited in my life and still cannot believe it. Relatively generic email with details to come later. I'm IR / kind of CP btw!
  7. Totally unsure of actual etiquette here, but I've been getting similar emails and have also been ignoring them (in the sense of not replying) if it makes you feel better lol. I figure I will be able to meet the profs and chat in person during the visit day anyway!
  8. what is with northwestern slowly releasing like 2 rejections a week but only on Saturdays lol
  9. Also, congrats on your admissions!!!
  10. I'm not an expert on rankings of Canadian schools (other than knowing McGill/UBC/U Toronto are the holy trinity), but (as someone who is dual Canadian-American) I was thinking of applying to Canadian programs but was warned against doing so by my professors — that is, they told me to think twice about attending a Canadian program if I wanted to stay in the US and work at US schools. From what they told me, it's apparently extremely difficult to get a leg up on TT positions with a Canadian PhD... However, if you want to stay in Canada (and Vancouver is absolutely amazing and beautiful albeit ex
  11. Completely agree.... It's absolutely insane to me that Yale used to be one of the best places to study conflict and yet the IR/conflict department has completely disappeared in like, the last year. Their conflict/security studies center closed this summer, and like you said, all their major conflict profs have left. After I heard Lyall is also leaving, I'm very very very doubtful that I have any chance at admission (or that it would even make sense for me to be admitted) as I applied as a conflict-focused IR scholar. Sad! And it's also kind of crazy to me thinking about all the grad stude
  12. Hoping Columbia will come out soon.... ! But who knows might have to wait till next week
  13. Also claiming a Stanford IR rejection - oddly at peace with it and mostly glad that they didn't drag it out ! Congrats to those admitted!
  14. !!! Here's hoping - sending good vibes / good luck your way too!
  15. Congrats!!!!!!!! Did you get a call?
  16. honestly I cannot even begin to wrap my mind around or make sense of their admissions process. why would they stagger the rejections like this???
  17. lol more rejections from northwestern today apparently.... nothing for me though!!!!! LOVE it
  18. Thank you all for the thoughtful advice re: emails!!!!!!!
  19. Does anyone have advice on how (or even whether) to respond to a super short personalized email from a professor at an admitted program? (I went to a lax school and I've never addressed a prof by anything other than their first names — should I address them as "Professor Lastname" or "Dr. Lastname" or just "Professor"???)
  20. The thing that's throwing me is that while last year, Stanford/Columbia came out late in Feb, it looks like it past years decisions HAVE come out sooner (even like Jan 30th soon!!). While probably this year is going to be like last year's, I'm...still refreshing those portals every 15 minutes lol
  21. Major congrats!!!!!!!! So exciting
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