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  1. Looks like NYU sent out acceptances and rejections yesterday. I have yet to hear about the status of my application. Wondering if there are others in a similar situation? And does this mean wait-listing!
  2. Hello all, Does anyone have some update on UoToronto's admission process. The website says they release first round of offers on March 1. Haven't heard anything from the dept. Wondering if someone here has heard back yet?
  3. @wellwellwell Congratulations on your Michigan acceptance. I've heard its one of the best schools for anthro. I'm wondering if you could share some info about the Chicago rejection? There is only one post in the Results section where an applicant was interviewed and rejected afterwards. Was that yours? I haven't yet heard anything from them so I'm quite curious about their process.
  4. @Anama I think that post is about undergraduate admissions. It says #2023 in the end.
  5. Hello all, Does anywhere know how the admission process proceeds in Chicago? I see a few acceptances in the Results section, but that's all, no word on rejections/wait-list. I haven't heard from the dept yet. I'm assuming its a rejection but then why won't they just let us know already, given they've sent out a few offers.
  6. Hey, all the best. I also did, but haven't heard anything so I'm guessing its a rejection. Did you get the email from the POI or the Graduate School?
  7. Hello all, I have an admission offer from UIUC Socio. My potential adviser there is quite well known for his work on Islamist social movements but I don't see any info at all about the dept here on the forum. Wondering if there's no one here who's applied there or knows the dept? Thanks, Umair
  8. Thanks alot for this info @manicape it helps to know this isn't an exceptional experience. Looks like the dept has sent out a mass mail as a heads up. Others have reported this too on the Results tab. I'm wondering how long did it take them to send the second email? Same day? Also, do they communicate all decisions like this or just rejections?
  9. Hello all, Have ppl received a generic email from U-Mich Anthropology department explaining the procedure to check the admissions status? There's any admission decision related info in the application status tab on my Friend Account so I'm wondering if this is a generic email sent as a heads up maybe?
  10. Thanks @pmcol @Nisaba this is really helpful
  11. Hey all, I'm wondering how many students are taken by depts (in socio-cultural stream) generally. For Berkeley, I have found two acceptances and nine interviews in the Results section. Is that it? Or will there be another round. Earlier, I thought places like Berkeley, UT Austin, Chicago, Michigan, etc, take up to 4 or 5 students in each stream, but it seems the number of those admitted is fewer, say 1 or 2? The list shows three interview calls from UChicago, all this week so far, and none from Michigan. My assumption here is that interview calls are sent out to the long list, and t
  12. Thank you. This is very helpful I have an offer from UIUC Sociology but I'm really looking forward to these anthro programs. Yeah fingers crossed. Good luck to you and others too.
  13. Hey all, This seems like a great place to stay updated on grad application and admission affairs. I'm wondering if someone here knows when UMich, UChicago, NYU and UoToronto generally send out early admission decisions? These are the four anthro progs I have applied to for the Fall 2019. Best, Umair
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