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  1. Hello! I recently applied to PSU's Technical and Professional Writing program. I can't seem to find any opinions/advice about this particular program (or even the English Department in general). So to anyone who attended PSU in one of the department's programs, how were the professors? Was the department organized? Did you enjoy your time in the program?
  2. They did on-campus Visiting Days about two weeks ago, and this week, they're doing virtual Visiting Days.
  3. The person who runs the official MSI Facebook group said that the deadline is May 1st.
  4. I emailed UMSI with a couple questions over a week ago, and still haven't gotten a response. Is that how long they usually take to reply?
  5. Wow, they must've gotten swamped with applications this year. I hope those of you who are still waiting will get a decision this week!
  6. Are your friends User Experience/HCI track? I hope UMSI hasn't already sent out decisions for the digital archives/library science track! All I've gotten so far is approval for an insane amount of FAFSA loans. 🙄 Waiting to hear about scholarships honestly feels scarier than waiting for an admission decision. 😫
  7. It says on the UMSI website that they have scholarships that range from partial to full funding (sometimes even including a stipend).
  8. I don't think they've released any scholarship decisions yet. Last week, they said funding decisions would come out within two weeks, so hopefully we'll find out by next week!
  9. Is anyone who's been admitted planning on attending the Visiting Days on March 30-31? I can't afford to fly out that weekend. Though I'm wondering if there will be other designated visiting weekends this spring/summer?
  10. To those who have been admitted, is anyone planning on accepting their offer of admission regardless of scholarships/funding? Or will your enrollment depend on whether you get any UMSI scholarships? I really want to enroll in this program, but $100k would be a scary amount of debt to take on. 😵
  11. I think they usually send out an email with scholarship and funding information a week or so after acceptances go out.
  12. Me too! I got an email about an hour ago, directing me to the portal for my decision letter. I'm so excited! No word yet on funding though. I applied on 1/15, which was also the date my application was marked as complete.
  13. So I guess I shouldn't expect to hear anything this week. I wonder if they got a lot more applications this year? If they aren't gonna start sending out decisions until the end of the month, then they better include scholarship/financial aid information with those decisions. Otherwise, that gives us barely any time to consider our grad school options before the April 15th enrollment deadline.
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