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  1. issaquah

    Ithaca, NY

    @ResilientDreams You too! Did you find yours on Craigslist? It looks like pickings are slim at this point, but I only made my official decision yesterday
  2. issaquah

    Ithaca, NY

    @ResilientDreams I'm moving to Ithaca in August, currently looking for a 1bdrm in Fall Creek/Downtown on Craigslist (everyone told me to look there during my visit)
  3. Finally decided on Cornell Romance Studies. For anyone interested, here is what factored into my decision and ultimately tipped the scales in their favor: Departmental emphasis on theory. I am much less interested in a literary formation than I am a theoretical one. The ability to serve on the editorial board of diacritics is also a big plus, as is the School for Criticism and Theory. Extreme flexibility wrt course requirements and committee composition. The department seems to encourage projects that are inherently interdisciplinary, and the graduate courses that I visited were themselves all extremely interdisciplinary. This is important to me given my research interests: the ability to work closely with scholars in other departments (History, Comp Lit, etc) will, I believe, be important for my research. Strong recent placement record and ongoing departmental efforts to modernize their professionalization. The department is small, as is the cohort. It appeared that I would receive more attention when I went on the job market than I might in a larger department. Apparently, they are also changing their exam structure to be more in tune with the evolving academic job market. Location. Living in a small town presents fewer extracurricular distractions than studying in a major city, but Ithaca is still within a 4.5-hour drive of NYC. This will allow me to focus on my studies and on relationships within the school and my field, while also not depriving me entirely of professional and academic resources in the NYC area. Size. This goes hand-in-hand with what I said about placement, but a more intimate department presents unique advantages, especially in terms of building an academic and professional network. The department brings in tons of guest speakers, and graduate students there often have the opportunity to meet with them over dinner and build more personal relationships than they might in a larger department in a big city, where they might have to fight to be noticed. More broadly, I also got the sense that everyone knew everyone in the department, which I liked. There were more things that factored in, obviously, but these are the ones that stood out. I have noticed that relatively few people here have applied to Cornell, either this year or in the past, so I wanted to offer my reflections for those making their decisions in the future. While I was initially put off by the location, I really believe that the department and the school will be a perfect fit for what I want to do. Best of luck to everyone else!
  4. Depends on the rest of your academic/professional profile, your recommenders, and how eloquently you are able to explain this on an application. I didn't have any academic honesty violations on my PhD apps, but I did receive an F at one institution that I attended. Careful, honest, and self-aware explanations went a long way, but my field is far smaller and perhaps more forgiving of poor grades than MBAs would be. However, to be quite honest, it is my impression that academic dishonesty in any form is treated much more seriously than bad grades; you will likely face more scrutiny than someone with an otherwise-identical profile. Cheating is a huge red flag for a university admitting a graduate student. First, it might be worth speaking to people in the admissions department at universities you are applying to in order to find out their impression of your story as you recounted it here. Ultimately, you have little to lose by being thoroughly honest and applying. Make sure to explain clearly and concisely what the experience taught you. Don't spend too much time explaining every granular detail of the situation: it can come across as making excuses, especially since the university found you culpable. Be clear that while you did not intend to cheat, you take full responsibility for your actions and its consequences. Maybe explain the ways that this experience influenced your approach to university policies afterward.
  5. @Ellekori Columbia has sent out decisions as of last Monday, and it was a no for me. I spoke via email to the coordinator at Stanford and she said that decisions will be sent out this week, but it doesn't look like anyone else in the thread here has applied.
  6. @correr Oh gosh, that's not a good sign. Would you recommend that I reach out via email or just wait and see? Also, I would be curious to hear your thoughts on the DLCL/Stanford overall, even if you aren't in French.
  7. @LOiseauRouge Same! Just got the email an hour ago. I felt that their interview was much easier/went more smoothly than Columbia's. Current tally for anyone lurking: Accepted: Cornell, NYU Waitlisted: Harvard Interviewed (decision forthcoming): CUNY No response: Stanford Rejected: Columbia I'm assuming that Stanford is a no since they seem to have done interviews in years past and notified shortlisted candidates late-January. Doesn't seem like anyone else here applied to Stanford's program, but if anyone lurking has interviewed or received a response I'd appreciate you chiming in! Edited to reflect the rejection from Columbia that I received just after making this post
  8. @LOiseauRouge I have not gotten a time back with a confirmation, but I submitted my availability by email. I'm sure they're just getting their schedule in order.
  9. @lime I also got waitlisted, fingers crossed! Honestly surprised to even have been waitlisted. Really didn't expect this result.
  10. @coucoumilou I did not apply to Berkeley, but no one has posted any results so there is still plenty of hope! I also have an NYU interview next week, and the 15-minute time frame is somehow scarier than a 30-minute interview. Columbia also said that theirs was 10-15 minutes, which seems like very little time to build a good impression. So much pressure! No results or interviews posted from Stanford or Harvard yet, which is a little scary. I think it might be safe to assume that if I hear nothing after this week from Stanford, I didn't receive an interview invite. With Harvard it's less clear since their interview process seems somewhat inconsistent. @madamoiselle I can't find anything in last year's thread about interviews for French at Harvard, did you interview there? There is one result for an interview for Italian, but I would imagine that each language handles interviews separately.
  11. Hi all, I've lurked this thread for a long time and finally have something of my own to ask! I have two interviews this week: CUNY and Columbia. For anyone that's been through this before with either of these schools, any insight into what they'll ask and what I should expect? I am still waiting on Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, and NYU, and like others have noted, I haven't seen interview requests come through for any of those yet. Good luck to everyone waiting!
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