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  1. I did, thank you. Recieved a response too.
  2. Is there a procedure for sending a rejection to Pratt? I can't find anything online. Please help.
  3. Here is my mail to the program director of UIC! Recieved a very sweet response, too.
  4. Got accepted into MICA MA program! Still waiting it out for the MFA program but will be taking it up even if I don't get accepted! Sent rejects out to UIC and NCSU.
  5. I tried mailing the program director and the design admissions office about the same, I did not recieve any reply In case you do, please let me know about it.
  6. Have you recieved any funding from Pratt?
  7. I got my official rejection too! And my e-mail said the same, lol So that leaves me with MICA (waitlist) and Pratt... Still waiting until next week to make a final call.
  8. Hello, could you tell me about your experience with the interview for MA Graphic Design? What are the questions I should look forward to, and stuff like that?
  9. While still on the alternate list of MFA Graphic Design at MICA, I've been invited to an interview for considering MA Graphic Design (1 year). Does anyone have knowledge about the program? Is it equivalent to the previous program of Post-Bacc program in GD, as I can't find that as a seperate course on the website now. Any leads will be helpful. Thank you
  10. If I don't get funding or get off the waitlist at MICA, I might as well drop this year. The tuition fees at Pratt along with the living expenses is way beyond my league.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I had emailed the program director, not having heard from him in 6 days now. I shall email the financial aid officer directly. Congratulations to you, however.
  12. HOW DID YOU ASK FOR MORE MONEY? I sent an email to Pratt about the same with no response from their end. Who did you reach out to? Also do you mind sharing a copy of the email you sent?
  13. Would be very grateful if you can do it as soon as you're 100% sure Problem is that the waitlist is not ranked. But it does give me some hopes, at the least :')
  14. I'm on the same page with UIC and Pratt/MICA if I get through.. I could use some advice too. Also which program did you apply for, at Parsons?
  15. Hey, is there anyone who applied and got accepted to the MFA Graphic Design program in MICA and plans to reject it?
  16. Hey, thanks for the insight. I'm leaning more towards a MFA at Pratt/MICA but am also doubtful if I do not get any financial aid/removed from waitlist respectively. However, In case, I decide to apply for the AAS program, I will definitely get in touch.
  17. Hey, thanks for your input. I just looked at some people applying for Graphic Design at Parsons and this was the only course I found on their website and was wondering about the same. I had initially thought of applying to it since I'm an undergraduate in Architecture and only have work experience regarding graphic design but then MFA seemed better for me and I'm lucky to have recieved a few offers from the same. I also wanted to clear my perception, that it was a technical program to develop one's portfolio for professional/further master's career. This clears my confusion. Also, t
  18. Does anyone have an idea how the AAS Program of Graphic Design at Parsons is? How does it compare to a conventional MFA or MDes program? (Pratt/UIC/MICA/NCSU) Any leads would be appreciated.
  19. Hey, Where are you planning to go, finally? Long time, no see
  20. I would recommend mailing the person you interviewed with. I was constantly in touch with the director of the program (in my case, MDes Graphic Design) and she had sent out an unofficial mail as the graduate school process is somewhat mechanical and takes a little more time, as said by her.
  21. Hey! I got waitlisted at MICA too. So I had a conversation with an admission counselor about the same thing. If you have any further doubts, just use the chat feature on their website, its pretty awesome! You must have recieved a survey link, you can just fill out your deadlines there and they'll fast track the process. He said they'll try and get back by April 13 (which is a very short deadline) but if its your first choice like mine, I highly recommend it. However does anyone know How likely is it to get into a school off of their waitlist? I'm curious too. The counselor told me
  22. Just got waitlisted at MICA via email from the director of graduate admissions! It was my first choice, I'm still so nervous, god. 🙈 But should be hearing from them in late April, according to the mail.
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