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  1. Same here. Saw status update in application portal, rejected.
  2. Recieved a unofficial notification from UIC : "We have recommended to the Graduate College of the University of Illinois at Chicago that you be admitted with full graduate standing to the Master of Design (MDes) in Graphic Design program in the UIC School of Design. Once the Graduate College confirms our decision and the UIC Office of Graduate Admissions verifies the receipt of all necessary credentials, you will receive official notification with further information.” So anxious for the final admission letter! I hope they give o
  3. How much did you recieve? Also, what offer are you considering as final options?
  4. Did you recieve an interview request from them? A lot of people have got their interview requests----->acceptances already!
  5. Me too! I love the program so much but it's so expensive!
  6. Did you recieve any funding package?
  7. Got an acceptance letter from Pratt Communications Design program! However, there's no mention of funding in the acceptance letter, Does anyone know if they give it out later or this means, I'm not eligible for a funding? NY is too expensive for me otherwise. 😕 But I'm really happy and excited for this! 🤩
  8. Just noticed on the Pratt website that their application deadline has been extended to 03/11. Has anyone heard anything from them or the waiting is just going to get indefinitely longer? Applied to the Communications Design program.
  9. I had emailed the NCSU admissions department today regarding the same and from what I inferred by their reply, your assumption is correct. Most universities have a different financial aid sector within the admissions office which applies for (generally) domestic students. For international applicants, its mostly whatever the department has to offer, be it TAships/RAships or merit based scholarships. I hope that clears your query.
  10. Hey, fellow Indian! Which are the programs you applied for?
  11. It's okay to mail as long as you're not being too creepy about it!
  12. Hey I was curious, which program did you apply to? Seeing the results page and from what I see, Pratt has started sending out notifications for several programs? Has anyone heard from the viscomm MFA program?
  13. Okay! No, I saw that there's no MFA program but an AAS program offered in Graphic Design at Parsons, so was curious. Do you mind if we share portfolios across text message?
  14. I wish I knew this earlier. Have you applied to Parsons too? All the best for your interview, though.
  15. Hey, what program did you apply for at SVA? I don't see a Graphic design course in here, hence didn't apply and curious. Same with Parsons. 😕
  16. Hey, when did you recieve the interview request for 3yr GD program for RISD?
  17. Hey, Thanks! I really appreciate this and hope the same. Hope you get into your choice of school too
  18. Hey, I had my interview with UIC yesterday. They asked me a project where I went completely off my comfort zone and to explain that work. Other than that, they asked me to explain another work of mine that shows them who I'm and want to be as an artist. I explained while my project was open via screenshare on Skype. Also, both of these projects were included in my Slideroom portfolio. My UIC interview went fine, I think. Was interviewed with the program director (we had been in touch via mail) and two of the professors of the department. They took interest in my work and told me I
  19. Hey, Thanks! And this was all that was mentioned in the e-mail I received. "The Design faculty is currently reviewing and finalizing acceptance decisions." I'm sure there's still time. Good luck!
  20. Hey, has anyone had an interview with UIC yet? I have an interview with them tomorrow and guessing what the questions could be!?
  21. Yeah, I guess. Last year results were out by March 8th or something. But if the deadline was extended, god knows. 💁🏻
  22. Damn! Even I didn't know that before. I applied within 05/01 to the Visual Communications design. They don't conduct interviews, as far as I know.
  23. Does anyone have an idea when we shall be hearing back from Pratt?
  24. Interview Request from UIC via e-mail!
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