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  1. Yeah, even UIC had a Feb 1st deadline!
  2. Hey! I think SAIC has not rolled out all interview letters yet (atleast for Visual Communications). I just recieved this email today : Hi Pallavi, Thank you for your patience as we process a high volume of applications at this time. We will be in touch with you in due course. Best, Arthur
  3. So basically, I might just get a mail after the department interviews are over cause I live in India. ?
  4. It's so heartbreaking that we're the only ones who are not hearing or have no clue about what's up with SAIC!
  5. Hey! Which are the programs you've applied for?
  6. I don't think that's a bad thing, otherwise they wouldn't have invited you for an interview. Maybe they just wanted an extra insight about your personality. Would like to know which school is this, though?
  7. Can you please tell me the source of the information? I haven’t heard anything from anywhere else regarding this.
  8. Hey, do you know anyone else as well applying to graphic design in the same schools as us? Might help to get a better insight.
  9. Has anyone heard from SAIC Communication Design? The interview calls were supposed to be out before 1st Feb and its racking my brains out, whether I'm getting it or not.
  10. Looks like VCU is a no if they've started sending out emails for all departments. 5/6 designers is really tough though! Sigh.
  11. Haven't. Application status still shows up as submitted.
  12. Let's hope the best for all of us! Please don't forget to keep this thread updated, guys
  13. How much does GPA matter while applying for masters in schools like Pratt, RISD, VCU, SAIC, MICA, NCSU and UIC? Do they reject an application based on just that? In my university, I have 3.0/4.0 and am scared that I might get rejected on that basis
  14. Okay, thank you. Could you tell me when in Feb? I'm just too anxious. Also, please keep me updated on the status of VCU.
  15. How about Pratt or RISD? Have you heard anything from them yet?
  16. Yes, surely. Please keep me updated as well.
  17. I've applied to MFA Graphic Design in 7 colleges : 1. RISD 2. MICA 3. SAIC 4. Pratt 5. NCSU 6. VCU 7. UIC Has anyone heard from any of these universities yet? Regarding interview/acceptance/rejection. Freaking out.
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