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  1. Lilyliana

    Fall 2019 Industrial Organizational Psychology PhD

    I officially got rejected from Waterloo yesterday. But I was an American applicant and they basically told me a few weeks after I submitted that they didn’t have funding for international students.
  2. Lilyliana

    Fall 2019 Industrial Organizational Psychology PhD

    I am a lurker who applied this cycle too, just got waitlisted by DePaul today and started googling to see if I could find anyone else in the same situation. Does anyone know what the odds of getting off the waitlist are? Just for record I applied to: BGSU, UWaterloo, DePaul, Univ of Illinois Urbana- Champaign, GMU. GWU, and Penn State. UWaterloo basically told me back in December (after I submitted my app fee of course) that they didn't have funding for international applicants this year. So just fyi, if anyone else applied from the States.

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