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  1. Hey! Did any1 receive an ESOP interview for MTEC? I am just curious I saw nobody in this thread @Juliesyue I received the official offer letter and the registration by post. The speed depends on the efficiency of the postal services though =D
  2. Heart broken... I wanted to travel 😢 @LittleMissDynamite @NFSergiu I think even if you do not get the scholarships you can manage doing what you call "Assistantships" in ETH Depts. I heard there are many such opportunities. Refer this page (You can find more details towards the end of this page) https://www.ethz.ch/students/en/studies/financial/scholarships/excellencescholarship.html
  3. "Withdraw" button reappears once you receive acceptance... That's what I experienced...
  4. @Gigigi7 and @LongC My "Withdraw" button disappeared. DMTEC.
  5. Check your messages 🙂
  6. Anyone who applied to MTEC??? 🙂
  7. Thank you very much @vphys @AbdulBasitMirza and @WLin for your replies @AbdulBasitMirza - I applied to MTEC n submission date was 13th Dec So as at now the appearance of the "Withdraw" button does mean the fact that you can withdraw you application anytime. But, it says nothing about the processing of your application.
  8. Can anyone pls tell whether this is true? Anyone who got interviews can confirm this I guess!? This screen shot is from ETH 2018 Admissions & ESOP thread. My "Withdraw" button is still active. :/
  9. Hey Mark! What is the Dpt or the program u applied for? See this Forum topic:
  10. Hey! Thank you @itaouil for opening the discussion for this year. :) I also applied to MTEC + ESOP/MSP @LongC :) I received no response yet (admissions+ESOP). Expecting a good news, fingers crossed ;) Good luck everyone!!!
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