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  1. I even think that I have missed some steps in the application and had to come in and check to see if I missed any doc...
  2. You know what? My lease is up in April...
  3. Lots people reported their acceptance/denial on the result page. I have not received any decision and my portal still says "IN REVIEW." Not sure if anyone has any insights regarding this? Thanks.
  4. This. I talked about my worry to my girlfriend and all she said was, "you are making such a big fuss for nothing." Now I decided just to stay quiet.
  5. I am wondering why the decision has not been posted on my portal yet. Internet is down at my place and I am at a coffee shop just to refresh the portal every damn minute.
  6. Worries: Not getting into any programs and got sent back to my country. I applied for 3 top schools, and one safe school but the anxiety are killing me. I'm currently working, graduated from undergrad school for 3 yrs, and my company is doing sponsorship, but all mean nothing if I don't get to at least one school. Excitement: I wish I had one right now.
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