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  1. That is weird, I’d have to say. You have the right to consider your offer until 4/15, unless other specific dates were specified from the school you were admitted. If it were me, I would politely reply to the professor that you are still waiting for some other results from other schools, and would appreciate if you could get a bit more time to think about your decision. But if you are quite sure that you want to work with that professor and if that’s your best choice, I say accept the offer. No good in having an arguement with your future advisor.
  2. Thanks for your answer! Yes, I am planning to contact the office on Monday, but I was just wondering if I could gather some previous experiences to see my chance of not having any fundings. Also, I want to know if the school is highly willing to provide students with financial aids in anyway so we don't need to struggle finding sources each year, or worse each term. So anyone who has any insider information about how UNC biostats, it would be a great help!
  3. Hello All ! I'm an international student who just finished a Master's degree in Biostatistics. I was admitted to the UNC Chapel Hill Biostats program and am waiting to hear about financial aiding. According to posts here from previous years, I have noticed that some students did not hear back about the funding even until late March. I was wondering if this is the case, and also if you know any previous students or accepted students who declined have been offered their funding at some point before accepting the offer. I am so glad and thankful to be admitted, but for
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