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  1. it seems now these schools have returned back to radio silence since last week
  2. Worries: I do not have a backup plan cuz this ain't no just grad school to me. I have lived the first 20 yrs of my life in a place that I def am not compatible with, basically because I'm like Americanized inside out plus I'm gay. Hell I even got an extra convincing general American accent just so to speed up the process of erasing the toxic cultural background from my birthplace, and I'm just tryna wipe the slate clean, bury the past and start a new life with a new name, a new culture, a new appearance and a new attitude. This is a leap of faith for me as I'm cutting ties with my stupid fvckin' old life, I deleted all my contacts including my parents cuz I don't want anyone from my old life to acknowledge my existence and interfere in my new life after I break away. anyways, this is my ticket to escape and I can't afford to lose. Excitement: I'm gonna start a new life if I get accepted by at least one of the schools that I applied to!
  3. well I'm like super nervous right now cuz I just saw some guy posted his admission from McGill today, he submitted the application on Dec 30, answered 3 additional questions on Jan 14 and got the admission today I submitted on Jan 1, answered the questions on Jan 17 which means I will probably get a result in a few days... plz, plz it's gotta be accept.
  4. I applied to MSc in BC and heard nothing back yet, I have contacted my POI way back in probably Nov 2018 and he said my background looked interesting, we had like 2 or 3 mails but didn't stay in touch. if you're hearing something back, plz also post here if you'd like to.
  5. It seems that grad schools in Canada (except UToronto) have not been very active in Jan. I personally have applied to 4 schools in Canada (Toronto, McGill, Waterloo and BC) and heard nothing back. Well McGill mailed me for 3 additional questions a while ago and the other 3 just have been... dead silent. I went thru results in 2018 and there should be at least some news by now but I aint getting any from the results page. So I just thought, I might as well start a thread for us to gather any news, info, whatever from Canadian grad schools.
  6. Anyone heard anything from the vision/AI group? God just reject me already, the waiting is fvckin killin me. cant take it no more
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