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  1. Ran1126

    Penn GSE Interviews

    congratulation!I am still waiting for their decision.
  2. Ran1126

    2019 Education Applications

    Wow I also applied for the same programs at UPenn and UCLA, but different program at Columbia. I still wait for their news. Hope we all can get some offers!
  3. Ran1126

    2019 Education Applications

    thanks for that
  4. Ran1126

    2019 Education Applications

    Hi! I have also applied for the iep program of Harvard,do you hear anything back?
  5. Ran1126

    2019 Education Applications

    I have already received a reject,Wisconsin did not send me an email,I found the bad news on the website. I wish you get good news soon!
  6. Ran1126

    Post here to get your worries off your chest

    worries:I did not get an interview from hgse, so I believe I have already been rejected. Although it should not be too surprised to me, I still feel sad about this. Besides, yesterday I received the rejected email from Wisconsin-Madison. Excitement: I've been accepted to Vanderbilt University. Therefore, things will not be very bad, right?
  7. Ran1126

    HGSE 2019

    Did everyone apply for the Ed. M. program in International Education Policy? Did you get an invitation for interview?
  8. Ran1126

    HGSE 2019

    I also applied for the master's program. Now I am anxious to wait for the March
  9. Ran1126

    Vanderbilt Peabody 2018

    I get the email today,maybe now you also get the news?
  10. Ran1126

    HGSE 2019

    hahaha I also accepted my fate, just hope can get some good news from other programs
  11. Ran1126

    HGSE 2019

    I applied for the EDLD program but didn't get interview email,maybe I have already been rejected

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