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  1. It could be the application date.
  2. Still no news regarding MSc physics and withdraw button still available, whatever this means. I am not a native speaker, but as I see it your professor says that the committee (which decides about your application) thinks that you have a strong profile and you should have high chances of getting admitted.
  3. Yes I mean compared to the threads in the last years (not sure if also Physics, but probably), the interviews for most departements were in mid February and the invitation needs to come some days in advance to leave enough time for preparation. That's why I do not have too high hopes anymore, I could be wrong of course. There is also not so much time left until mid March, when we should receive the results.
  4. No, I did not hear anything about my application yet. But if the withdraw button is still there, doesn't that mean that the application still has not been processed yet? It seems a bit late to still get an invitation for an interview though.
  5. It is strange, because I can still withdraw my application (MSc Physics) and it seems like it has not been processed at all yet. How much time did you have between the invitation for the interview and the interview itself?
  6. For all Departements?
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