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  1. Haha I did the same mistake too! I am actually planning to go to UofT How about you? Are you going to accept the offer?
  2. Hey traveller123456, Congratulations! I also received an offer of admission yesterday morning! I also submitted my application few days before November 15th I got accepted to P/J and J/I, and I will be choosing J/I. It was quite early and I was surprised too! Anyways, what are your teachables?
  3. Thank you! As soon as you log in the Acorn, on the dashboard, it states the stream and whether you are invited or not. For me, I applied to both PJ and JI, and on the PJ one it states it is ‘Financially cancelled’ while the JI one states ‘invited’. Now I am waiting for the actual email and mail.
  4. Hi, I am currently teaching a grade 12 classical language course at a private school, taught autistic children at church, and taught students at Kumon Learning centre. My major is math, and my grade for the final year was 8.23 out of 9. Oh, and I looked into the Acorn and it says “invited” I was wondering if this means that I am accepted? Go check your Acorn!
  5. Hello, I am waiting for offer of admission from Master of Teaching program at OISE for Fall 2019. Anyone received an update on their application? I applied for J/I Mathematics.
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