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  1. You will get an email if there’s a status update. They are probably still deciding your case? The deadline to accept/decline an offer is 4/15, just to give you a sense of timing
  2. PDF acceptance letter posted on the online portal.
  3. Hey guys I applied for sculpture and heard back on the 18th via phone call and got the official letter a few days later.
  4. biu

    Yale MFA 2019

    I heard that notifications went out on this Friday(in the past years)
  5. biu

    Yale MFA 2019

    Todayyyyyy!!!!!! Good luck to everybody!
  6. biu

    Yale MFA 2019

    Are we gonna get a call or email or should just keep checking the online portal thingy...? This is gonna be the worst week ever!
  7. biu

    Yale MFA 2019

    Uh my presentation was ok but the interview part was shit. They were asking crazy deep questions about my work and I was just blanking so hard... gonna go drink now get drunk pretend this never happened.
  8. biu

    Yale MFA 2019

    How did it go guys?? What’s it like? ?so nervous for tomorrow!
  9. Hi! I believe Columbia already sent out interview invites over the last two weeks. I know sculpture interview happens on March 12, don’t know about other disciplines tho.
  10. No.....can’t find any info about when we should hear back either. Have you tried emailing them?
  11. biu

    Yale MFA 2019

    Btw...did anybody apply to Columbia/heard anything from them?
  12. biu

    Yale MFA 2019

    Thank you for sharing the info!
  13. Does anybody know when Columbia announces interview or when they usually does? I emailed Admissions and they ignored me
  14. biu

    Yale MFA 2019

    Also, for sculpture applicants, are we supposed to just put individual images in a folder in the thumb drive? Numbered in order? Kinda confused...........
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