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  1. Popping in to say that I got into the NYU MA, but won't be attending because of the price tag and, more importantly, because I got accepted into Yale's Dramaturgy MFA--suspect that their funding will be much better, plus I can actually afford to live in New Haven. In case anyone's curious, I interviewed with Yale on the 8th and heard back that same weekend (!). Anyway, much luck to everyone waiting for news!
  2. Hi y'all! I've been lurking on this thread for a while now and figured I would jump in once I got some news. "Some news" came yesterday when I received an email from Catherine Sheehy, chair of Yale's Dramaturgy + Dramatic Crit Dept, inviting me for an interview! I'm honestly shocked--no theater background (which the department page does say is not a prerequisite, but still...) and was most recently working at Macy's (lol). Anyway, just thought I'd share for anyone who's waiting to hear back. any interview advice would be greatly appreciated! ? (side note: there was a typo in the ema
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