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Fall 2019 Theater/Performance Studies PhD

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Hi y'all! I've been lurking on this thread for a while now and figured I would jump in once I got some news. "Some news" came yesterday when I received an email from Catherine Sheehy, chair of Yale's

Popping in to say that I got into the NYU MA, but won't be attending because of the price tag and, more importantly, because I got accepted into Yale's Dramaturgy MFA--suspect that their funding will

Just got accepted to Columbia. Delirious.

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I will more than likely be an applicant next year. Finishing up my MA in English at the moment. I'm specifically looking into theatre programs rather than performance studies. 

I generally know where I am going to apply, but I also want to reach out and ask if anyone knows professors who do research in the postdramatic, particularly in the states. 

Happy application season!

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Okay, NorthWestern IPDT and Stanford are on my list too though I don't really hope for a positive response from those or from Columbia. I am banking on Wisconsin-Madison and Toronto. Have not submitted a single application yet. Still wrestling with writing samples. Are all your applications submitted? Did you manage to speak to the professors you want to work with? @clavius


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Hey all! 

Happy to see this thread. Down to a wire on the first few apps-- hope you're all doing well with yours. My list is pretty long, split between theater/PS PhDs, a couple MAs, and some dramaturgy/directing MFAs. Looking at Berkeley, Stanford, Brown, Northwestern IPTD, UWisconsin, UT Austin (MA), NYU (MA), CUNY, Tufts, Yale, and Columbia. 

...and now back to the SOP editing. Best of luck everyone!

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Glad to see this Thread!

I applied last year to about 6 schools, and didn't get in. I've narrowed the list to 2 and am giving a second shot.  UCSD and UCI.  Great to meet you all!


@deirdrenyc I can speak to the MFA directing program at DePaul if thats one you are looking at.  I loved my time there!!

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Yep! It is possible that they do not send out all interviews at one go! And I don't think schools other than Northwestern and Stanford have said anything yet - at least, not on the results. Fingers crossed for us ?

How are you all preparing for interviews?


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