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  1. @DoctorMusical @sadficus congrats on the recent admits! Sounds like you both got into great programs!! Where's everybody thinking of matriculating? (And selfishly, is anyone thinking of turning down a CUNY admit? They're my top pick and I'm hoping to get off their waitlist if possible... )
  2. I wish I knew where I might matriculate! I've only heard back from one of my four apps so far. Fingers crossed for some (positive) movement from NYU and CUNY this week.
  3. Just got my last application in! Thought I'd join you all here to wait anxiously. Sending out good vibes & hoping for hefty funding packages for us all. (fwiw I applied to NYU, Northwestern IPTD, and CUNY)
  4. Has anyone heard from Northwestern IPTD? I haven't seen anything on the results page. Happy to report that I was accepted to UT Austin! It was such a relief after rejections from Stanford and Tufts. @clavius congrats on Columbia! You're right, it's really trying when the results come in the opposite order haha
  5. Just got my rejection from Tufts. Hoping you're fairing better! Had a lovely phone interview with UT Austin though-- Fingers crossed!
  6. @KingOfInsight Thank you so much for this info! I figured they were intentionally light on information but wanted to check in anyway. You're a lifesaver with the food & materials suggestions. Much appreciated!
  7. Hello everyone! It's been so lovely to read everyone's updates on this thread. Just wondering whether anyone knows anything about Columbia's audition weekend-- either from previous years or connections. I'll be at the audition this year and am trying to decide how to best prepare. Hope to see some of yall there!
  8. Hey all! Happy to see this thread. Down to a wire on the first few apps-- hope you're all doing well with yours. My list is pretty long, split between theater/PS PhDs, a couple MAs, and some dramaturgy/directing MFAs. Looking at Berkeley, Stanford, Brown, Northwestern IPTD, UWisconsin, UT Austin (MA), NYU (MA), CUNY, Tufts, Yale, and Columbia. ...and now back to the SOP editing. Best of luck everyone!
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