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  1. @threwitaway Hi! I am starting my PhD and moving to Toronto this Fall too!
  2. Yes, same here on NW IPTD - also the email to upload diversity statement, which I am quite sure I submitted with the form...
  3. Has anyone heard anything from Northwestern IPTD?
  4. Troodondodo

    Toronto, ON

    Hi! I have received an offer from University of Toronto for Fall 2019 - not sure about funding yet. Any idea what the cost of a studio/ensuite room would be around the Scarborough campus or which websites would be good to look through for this? I am surfing through some, the costs seem to have a huge range... Has anyone lived on campus? How is it?
  5. Got acceptances from both Toronto and Wisconsin Madison.
  6. @Anxiously Hopeful It is similar for me - worse, I think. I am applying for PhD for the second time. The last time I applied was in 2016 when I was going through traumatic times- I was not in my right mind and I understand now that I had submitted shitty applications, so I am not astonished that I didn't get anywhere. This time, I have more qualifications (including university teaching experience for 1 year, more publications - even a book of my own), my SoP is better researched and all my mentors have given me warm votes of confidence. Yet, at least two of the five places I applied to have se
  7. @clavius Hey! That's great! Congratulations!
  8. I know... I just want to make sure there's enough time left for the cart if and when the horse actually arrives
  9. Yep! It is possible that they do not send out all interviews at one go! And I don't think schools other than Northwestern and Stanford have said anything yet - at least, not on the results. Fingers crossed for us ? How are you all preparing for interviews?
  10. HI! To people who went through interviews last year and are still following this post: any tips for preparation? What do they ask? Is it about the interviewee or about the proposal or more?
  11. @clavius Yes, same here! Sorry for the very late reply. Forgot to log in to the portal for a long time! Now that the intense waiting season has started, I thought I'll check in to see if anyone has any news!
  12. Okay, NorthWestern IPDT and Stanford are on my list too though I don't really hope for a positive response from those or from Columbia. I am banking on Wisconsin-Madison and Toronto. Have not submitted a single application yet. Still wrestling with writing samples. Are all your applications submitted? Did you manage to speak to the professors you want to work with? @clavius
  13. Hey! Glad the thread is here! Where all are you applying @Clavius?
  14. @Gamb1t - About Maryland - Decisions as in - were interviews out already? Any idea?
  15. @XTgo - I have no idea when they come up with results etc. and why they keep people hanging instead of just letting them know something - accepted/rejected/wait-listed. When I was applying for masters in the UK, I remember, they mailed me at different stages (all except Exeter, who accepted after ages and without an interview)... I think I made some serious mistake somewhere in the applications this time :/ Hope you hear positively from UCLA
  16. @Gamb1t, @XTgo - That's sad, but I guess it is right, if it has come from Dr. Feldshuh - I was, in fact, sort of anticipating the same, but saw a ray of hope yesterday when she said that - anyway! @starsloth fingers crossed for the interview results!
  17. Hi @XTgo My Cornell application status says 'in progress' and a friend who is there now asked the faculty just today - they said that the decisions are not out yet.
  18. Getting so busy in other work that I am afraid, if I really get an interview now, would I be able to do justice to it? Of course, keeping in mind how unlikely it is to get an interview after this point of time, I'd rather be busy - have wasted a lot of time waiting already! But five schools yet to respond (two rejections, one implied).

  19. Exactly my question - why shouldn't we be getting updates of what is happening? The status of applications just read 'in progress', like forever :/ I'm so tiered of waiting that I don't care if they are all rejections, I just want them quick!!
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