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  1. No, just literally. A neutral status, that more and more applicants have. It's not important when the status was changed or even which status you have on portal.
  2. Vorauswahl erfolgt = preselection made. Many of us have the same status. In my case from November.
  3. Hey no worries! You know, it depends on the section, which status or date you have on portal. The person(s) in charge of your program or your country -that means section in Bonn- and the person at the office in your country are authorized to see your portal and make some changes there, as far as I know. Maybe it's true those who have already the date till Sep. 2020 are shortlisted (I don't know it because my actual scholarship is for a year from the moment of my application), but possibly the person in charge of your program has not done it, because of any reason. Guys, status or date on portal is not so important. We receive an e-mail if there's an important change on our status and we've got a message. I understand too much that our anxiety leads us to the portal but we should not stress us unnecessarily through the updates that are possibly specific ones in other sections. I'm not saying we should not changing information but the receiver must be somehow relaxed! Although I'm not relaxed...
  4. Hi, I had also interview (in November 2018) and I've not heard nothing. For my current scholarship (for masters from DAAD) I had the interview in November 2017 and the DAAD office my home country let me know in December 2017 that they had selected me as a candidate and I would get the final decision in Febuar 2018 (at the end of march I got a letter of award and came to Germany in June. In October I started my master, which will be finished in September 2019. Now I'm waiting for the result of research grant scholarship). That's why I got extremely nervous and wrote to the office in my country last month, asking if we would get no status information this year. They answered "this year we don't inform you of nothing -in any case- till end of February. We're sorry but please just wait". Maybe it's only in our region but maybe global...
  5. Hello Ellacity ahh my master lasts just one year. Sorry for making you cunfuse unnecessarily... in 2016 I got a scholarship for German course (just two months in summer), in 2018-2019 for master and I was still qualified for the application 2019-2020, at least from my country. And I don't understand what you mean with "in more controllable mode", or you are Maybe misunderstanding me. of course I have hope but also I'm also anxious! No worries, I know or have experienced that the process depends a lot on your coutry, I've talked directly with so many scholors from all over the world about the process. and it changes year a year, too. I personally know ex-scholors from my country, who got the same or other fundings from daad in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017. I gave you a concrete example to show that we will have to wait possibly till end of March, because last year we had been told that they would inform us of the final result in Febuar, too... We shouldn't stress us out because of more waiting time as expected. best regards,
  6. Hi, anyone from East Asia or Oceania?
  7. Hi all, I'm also waiting for the result but actually I'm a scholarship holder too. I mean I got a scholarship for master 2018/2019 and in October 2018 I made the application for another scholarship for PhD 2019/2020. Last year I got an email from Bonn on 10. March and then a letter of award on 27. March via portal. Till that moment the status on portal was "preselection made". It was not "application submitted" any more just because we had interview in our home country in November 2017. I was invited to the interview and the status had changed before the interview. So don't worry! And I know we've already got some stress but we have to wait a little more... Maybe we should concentrate on what we have now. Hopefully we will meet up at a scholarship holder meeting or something like that Greetings from Berlin!
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