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  1. llwd

    ETH ESOP 2019

    Thank you! Here is the email I received: Dear candidate The internal committee of the department of Mechanical and Process Engineering is going to evaluate some candidates for the nomination for the Excellence Scholarship. There is the possibility that you will be among these candidates. The possible interview will take place on Monday 25, February 2019 between 13.30 – 16.30 o’clock (Zurich time) via skype. If you are interested, please reserve this date and send us your skype email address asap. More information about the schedule and the interview will follow. Best regards Dr. Maddalena Velonà I targeted my application to professors in the Automatic Controls Lab working on distributed systems, though I didn't mention a professor's name in particular in my ESOP application (I did in the RSC application). So I guess I'll be waiting on my laptop at an absurd time of the day (East Coast North America) on the 25th.
  2. llwd

    ETH ESOP 2019

    Guys it's not all over yet, just got offered an ESOP interview from D-MAVT which I guess is for my RSC application. Also just got accepted for the ITET master's.
  3. llwd

    ETH ESOP 2019

    My best guess is that they're doing rounds where they eliminate a certain amount of candidates. Hopefully the positive answers should start coming in soon given that people were already accepted by this time last year.
  4. llwd

    ETH ESOP 2019

    I applied so RSC, Computational Science and EE&IT (with ESOP for all three). So far I've heard nothing back. My "withdraw" button for EE&IT disappeared on Tuesday but the two other ones are still there.

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