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  1. Thanks! My friends also tell me that I can't be wrong choosing either of them. I guess I'm too cautious
  2. Thanks for your suggestions! Yeah one'd need to be able to speak French to live and work in Montreal. That's an important consideration. Do you know anything about comparing Canadian universities and US ones? Many thanks.
  3. Thanks for your input! Language is indeed a concern, as I don't speak French. So I guess in that sense U of T is more favorable to McGill then. About the work permit, could you elaborate on that a bit? I didn't know there is much difference in getting work permit for US graduates or local graduates, though I know there is for getting permanent residency. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello everyone, So for now I'v got offer letters from McGill CS and Columbia EE, and still waiting for U of T and UIUC. Applied for both ECE and CS at the latter two. All are MSc programs or something similar. I'm an international student and my goal is to work in the industry (machine learning R&D that kind of stuff) and stay permanently in North America. Considering the odds of getting permanent residency I would say Canada is more ideal for staying after graduation. I could really use some advice on following questions: I heard Toronto has more job opportunities than Montreal, is that true? And if it is, by what margin? How would Canadian companies rate graduates from US schools? i.e. how competitive are Columbia and UIUC compared to U of T and McGill, in Canada? Many thanks!

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