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  1. I am an international applicant (Indian). Mechanical engineering undergrad and I wanna apply for aerospace engineering masters. I have solid research experience. I am working on a journal paper. But I will not know anything regarding acceptance/rejection before the application deadlines. Which means I probably can't fill it in my application. My GPA is 8.53/10.0. I am in the top 20 of my class of 132. And an institute academic merit scholar. (i.e. full scholarship based on academic performance) Test scores: GRE general test 330/340 (164q (87th percentile); 166v (98th percentile)
  2. Haha that's the reference. On another note, no mails yet.
  3. No mail yet. Anyone applied to/ heard from Dr Paik's Reconfigurable Robotics Lab?
  4. The application status is supposed to be mailed to us in the first week of March according to the website. Anyone get any mails yet?
  5. I applied too. Haven't heard from any lab yet. Does every lab prefer to conduct interviews? Or is there a chance they are just going to select based on the information they have?
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