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  1. I just found out I got in off the waitlist at the Goldman School at Berkeley. Berkeley had been my top choice throughout my application process, but also a big reach/question mark as to whether I'd be able to go even if I got in. As of now, I'm deciding between Goldman and the McCourt School at Georgetown in DC. I'm currently based in DC. I have to consider the cost of tuition, the cost of moving, and the cost of living (although I'm not sure if the Bay Area is that much worse than what I'm already dealing with in DC on that front, honestly...) vs. the stronger reputation of Berkeley, especially for my interest in climate/environmental policy, and my personal excitement about the possibility of moving back to the West Coast. (I'm from Oregon originally.) There's also a partner involved who's less keen to leave DC yet, so there's that factor as well... I was offered $25,000/year from Georgetown (about 50% of tution and fees — Georgetown is so expensive, y'all!), which would put the total cost (of just tuition and fees) at about $59,000, which... is still a lot. I was (as expected) not offered any funding from Berkeley, although it sounds like GSI/Reader/etc positions are fairly available and could come with a big tuition discount? Anyway, even setting funding aside, I'm still torn. I guess my biggest question is -- how much is Goldman worth vs. McCourt? How does the stronger academic reputation of Goldman stack up against the wealth opportunities for policy/government work/internship experience I could find here in DC? Is Goldman worth moving and taking on the extra debt for? (And would the Berkeley debt be as much as I fear -- are those researcher/tutor positions as widely available and as much of a golden ticket as some make it sound?) I've got until Wednesday to figure it all out -- Berkeley gave me until May 1 to decide, and while it sounds like I could get more time from them if I asked for it, I already extended my Georgetown deadline until May 1 and doubt they'd do it again. Ahh! Any tips?
  2. I just got in off the waitlist! GSPP was my top choice when applying, but it was always going to be a big reach/question mark if I was going to be able to go, even if I'd gotten in right off the bat — funding is a big question, and I'm currently in DC, and weighing the pros and cons of a cross-country move. But still! For funding - I'd expect there's even less likelihood of negotiating for $$ getting off the waitlist, but do folks think it's worth trying to ask? Has anyone negotiated sucessfully for an increase in funding? What about the GSI/assistantship positions — the possibility of a 40% tuition remission for 11hrs/week of work is very appealing, but it doesn't seem like first-semester students have a good chance at getting those positions. Does anyone know more about that, though? Good luck to all!
  3. Congrats, @cheysadr! I also got an email last night and got in too! My letter said the same thing about funding (which was expected), so probably doesn't change things for me. But maybe doesn't hurt to ask, just in case...?
  4. I'm also on the waitlist. The email I got said they would "know whether or not we will be able to offer spaces in next year's class to people on the wait list after April 22nd." Still haven't heard back, obviously - but curious, where did y'all see info about May being the time we'd hear back?
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