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  1. I was denied today and offered $27k/year at MAPSS, so I guess they are finally getting to those of us that haven't heard anything.
  2. This is really helpful. Thank you for your insight!
  3. I was admitted at Stanford for theory, yes! and was curious about how people think about departments with small theory cohorts in general. What makes you think it'd result in a narrow expertise? Because there are just fewer profs to work with?
  4. Harvard--I don't have much hope, but still curious.
  5. Anyone have a sense of how many students eventually get off waitlists at top programs?
  6. What are y'alls thoughts on smaller political theory programs within more quant-driven departments? (e.g. Stanford)
  7. Any theorists in at Harvard? I guess I can keep hoping until that official rejection comes. ;)
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