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  1. Mine is Russian language and literature
  2. I think my personal statement wasn’t strong enough. In general my background fits with IMCEERES, so it has to be my motivation (as far as I remember, personal statement takes 40% in eligibility assessment). COVID-19 ruins everything I hope that we will defeat the virus in near future and it won’t affect our plans. Stay home and stay safe, people 👐🏽 Don’t overthink about your application, you have already submitted it and there is nothing you can do about it now, overthinking will only make you feel worse. I wish you the best of luck, fingers crossed 🤞🏻
  3. Yes, I have also applied for EPS Hope they will send results next week, I want to make things clear in my life haha
  4. They commented from their FB page that the results will be announced at the beginning of April. Good luck to you too!
  5. IMCEERES have sent the results, unfortunately my application was rejected. 😩. Hope that your applications will be more successful
  6. Two or three days before the deadline 😅 Good luck everyone! 🍀
  7. Scholarship announcement will be later, in March or April. It’s an offer for admission to the programme. I also got an offer from IMCEERES
  8. Hello everyone! My friend is in the reserve list, but the admissions office says that it is unlikely that an award will become available. Now she doesn’t know if she should pay deposit for saving place or not? Is it possible to get the scholarship or better not to pay? It is something about 1000 £ 😬
  9. It depends on your position in the reserve list. I think it’s better to contact the coordinator and ask your ranking or ask about your chances of getting into the main list. Good luck! 🍀
  10. I applied for MAiSI, still nothing :( they are supposed to send invitations for Skype interview. Wish everyone good luck! My friend got an unconditional offer from GLOCAL, decisions on the Erasmus scholarships will be made by April.
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