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  1. asjdklfjslkjglkajlgjaosuioewuoasgasdjglajsljakljflskdjfklajskjflkjslfnvnzxvnzxjfljfaoruwqurqufaslgjagljas thank goodness there's this thread. good luck to everyone (including me)!!! ❤️
  2. I imagine next week would be it... I'll be on my toes Mon-Fri 😬😆
  3. Thanks! Good luck to everyone!! including myself hah
  4. Congratulations on your acceptance! Excited for you! This info about interviews was super helpful... Gave me hope! I had spoken on the phone with the program director to ask questions before I submitted my application. The conversation was 20min, very specific and went reasonably well, but I have not yet received an interview invitation, so I thought I might not have a chance anymore... Fingers crossed and hoping I can be the same case as you
  5. Has anyone here also applied to the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Teachers College, Columbia? Submitted my application Jan 14. Around a week later got asked to supply additional info, submitted in the beginning of February, and got confirmed that this will not delay the process and I'm still in the early applicant pool. And then... nothing since. Trying not to check my inbox 10 times a day 😬
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