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  1. Sure. Broadly speaking, first, the goals in my personal statement were too broad (read: fluffy) and not specific enough, relative to other applicants. There is strength in specificity. Second, my application package as a whole lacked a specific gap / gaps I wanted to fill via their program -- which makes sense, right -- if I were perfect I wouldn't need to apply to school. So the implication was that my package could've been strengthened if I were more honest / aware about my weaknesses and more intentional about how the program would address these weaknesses.
  2. You're fine bro - it's part of the template. And it's still an unconditional offer - conditional offers are typically things like "you need to take a stats course before you can come" or "you need to retake the GRE and get above 160 for quant before we accept you." The clause is just there to make sure we don't doctor our transcripts etc. Just make sure you send stuff in by June!
  3. A long time ago, I applied as a college junior to Princeton's PPIA program and was rejected. I chased them for feedback and they obliged. The feedback was very honest, very good, and very actionable. It helped me better understand what admissions committees were looking for. This year, I applied the lessons learnt to my WWS application (and others) and was accepted. So I would definitely encourage you to reach out! I think reaching out for feedback is a high-reward low-risk proposition - you can only gain from it. Worst case scenario is they say no / ignore you. Best case scenario is they give you awesome feedback and you grow / do better in the future!
  4. HKS-HBS / HKS-GSB joint degree applicant here. Congrats to all who got in, and especially those who got money!!! So I don't see an "Awards/Loan Eligibility" link (#supersadface), but I was interviewed for a CPL fellowship (not the Zuckerberg, therefore not a joint degree-fellowship) a couple of weeks back. I'm wondering if I'm reading this right - am I still under consideration for money? Financial aid information for individuals who are under consideration for admission to the Harvard Business School will be available at the end of March. Otherwise, If you do not see an “Awards/Loan Eligibility” link in your MYFAID menu options, unfortunately this means we were not able to offer you assistance. Please review your “Important Information/Messages” MYFAID page for important information.
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