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  1. Same here. Which division? Masters or Ph.D? Edit
  2. What did you decide? Maybe we could be friends if you're going to Penn P.S. I have accepted an offer from the Biology Graduate Program at UPenn.
  3. I was accepted to Biochemistry and Structural Biology Department. But I am not going there anymore. Got accepted by UPenn, my first choice!
  4. Got accepted. Hope someone rejects the offer very soon for you too. Good luck!!
  5. Hello guys, I was interviewed at the end of February at UPenn and my interview went alright. I wasn't asked many things and neither did I ask any intelligent questions since it felt inappropriate to talk over the professor (Maybe it was Skype that made it difficult for me to assess whether I was supposed to ask questions or not) According to the UPenn website, they are supposed to notify me in early March. It's 10th already and I haven't heard from them. I am growing quite restless and have started to believe maybe I am not going to be accepted. Is there still time for me to get
  6. SBU is ranked much higher for biological sciences than BC but BC offers about 6k more stipend annually. Which do I choose? Is 29K enough to make a decent living in StonyBrook??
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