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  1. What can you do with a Masters in each of these programs? Which is the most marketable? Any other advice?
  2. Hi, I am interested in a future as a program manager for an international NGO, or potentially with the government (already on the YPP roster for UN) or as a public policy and development researcher. My current salary is 80K in San Francisco, and I'd like to land a bit higher in the future (adjusted for cost of living of course). So far I've been accepted to: Columbia SIPA MIA, University of Geneva IOMBA, and the Erasmus Mundus Global Policy track. Sadly, the only financial aid I've received from any of these schools so far is a housing stipend for the IOMBA program. I'm also waiting to hear back from University of Oxford and University of Cambridge MBA programs, as well as a Sciences Po Masters in Advanced Global Studies program. So far, I'd want to take out loans for any of these programs, but SIPA is vastly more expensive than the others (like close to $100K more including living expenses). I'm an American, but ideally I'd like to try working in either Europe for a year or two post-graduation. Or at least gain connections and experience in grad school that could make me a more attractive candidate on the YPP roster, and for international NGOs at the Director level. Any experience with any of these schools, or opinions on how the academics and experience they offer would be regarded by employers in the U.S. and Europe?
  3. I also was accepted and added to the reserve list. I would rather have the scholarship of course, but compared to U.S. schools (where I'm from) this is still much cheaper than I'd likely pay elsewhere. I'm wondering if those of you in the EU have any feelings about the reputation of this program there?
  4. Yes, that amount is for one year, including living expenses. You have to double it for a two year program.
  5. For my part I did file for FAFSA and still didn't get offered aid. Most SIPA students don't get any aid, from what I've read. EDIT: Also, I think they did have something in their application about the need to file for FAFSA, but it was a couple months ago so not positive.
  6. I also got admitted to SIPA with no funding. I'm already on the UN's YPP list which will most likely lead to an employment opportunity with that organization sometime in the next 3 years regardless of what else I do. I'm also waiting to hear back from some cheaper programs, in Europe, etc. So I feel like unless they change their mind and offer me more funding during their reconsideration period, there is no way SIPA is justifiable for me, unfortunately.
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