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  1. Hello Almasa, You will need the certified documents for the admission at the university, and of course, all documents must be certified.
  2. Congratulations! In my case, it took a week.
  3. I emailed them simply by clicking on the new message icon.
  4. The medical consent will be submitted after you receive the award letter documents.
  5. Dear all, How long did it take to get your medical insurance letter after the submission of the medical consent?
  6. It depends! the first time I got the answer after 3 days. The second time they replied on the same day.
  7. Dear Antiquestardust, I think you are on the right track. the procedures change from region to another, but the outcome is the same. You just have to wait and everything will be OK 😊
  8. Hello Almasa, you can email them thru the portal and they will respond. Good luck.
  9. Hello guys, wish you all the best of luck. I have just received my award letter 😊 I am applying for a phd from Egypt. At first, I received a message in 20 febraury informing me that the committee recommended me for the scholarship. Since 10 days, my status changed to selection made for several days then became blank for 1 day then changed to funding on the last Tuesday. My language course will be in Koln starting in June. Good luck for all aplicants.
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