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  1. Hello there, congratulations on your being awarded the scholarship. I was in the same situation in that my university application deadlines were all after the award announcement as well, and since my degree has to first be evaluated by uni-assist before my first choice school will even begin to process my application I'm probably looking at mid-August acceptance at the earliest also. I am kind of nervous about it, especially since I'm leaving at the end of this month to start my language course, and have already given my job resignation notice and started saying goodbye to my friends etc, etc.
  2. What was the visa application process like for you?
  3. As far as I'm aware the two selection committees are independent of one another so that should be fine. I don't recall seeing any restrictions on the DAAD's application info page about using the proposal elsewhere at least.
  4. Also, I never got around to making an official announcement (forgot lot) but my application status changed to funding!!!! I woke up about two and a half weeks ago to an email from the DAAD with the gist as follows: And when I checked my status it had gone blank; a few days later it updated to Funding: It was almost too good to believe for a few days, and I felt like I would jinx myself somehow lol so I didn't really tell anyone for a few days until I got my official letter of award and documents. I'm really happy about being chosen, even though I haven't posted muc
  5. It's not lol, most of the Caribbean countries aren't even Spanish-speaking; additionally, my country isn't even geographically considered a part of the Caribbean sometimes but has more cultural connections with the Caribbean than the North American mainland so it's grouped into the former. I'm closer to the North American DAAD office in New York but the regional office I fall under is way down in Colombia which doesn't make sense to me but anyways....
  6. Oh okay, congratulations! I'm from the Caribbean but my region falls under the "Latin America" category for the DAAD for some reason.
  7. Did your status change from Selection Made?
  8. Hmm, I called and asked the office in Bonn responsible for my region about this very thing last week, and was told that I would not be able to use the scholarship for schools other than those three I indicated in my application. You're saying your regional office gave you a different set of information?
  9. I'm not from Latin America but my country is grouped into the region for DAAD purposes, if you see my previous post it seems to indicate they are still making decisions for our region.
  10. I sent an email in the DAAD portal asking for clarification on why my funding dates had changed but my status was updated to 'Selection Made', and received a response yesterday saying that my application was still in process and had to be reviewed by the division manager. It seems as though some regions are still finalizing their decisions whereas others have already made their selections. So I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for now I guess. Edit: I forgot to say I applied for Master's Scholarship for Graduates of All Academic Disciplines, in case it matters.
  11. I'm also wondering the same, as my funding dates changed today a couple hours ago, but my status was updated to 'Selection Made' rather than 'Funding'?
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