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  1. DSegundo

    DAAD 2019-2020

    I'm not from Latin America but my country is grouped into the region for DAAD purposes, if you see my previous post it seems to indicate they are still making decisions for our region.
  2. DSegundo

    DAAD 2019-2020

    I sent an email in the DAAD portal asking for clarification on why my funding dates had changed but my status was updated to 'Selection Made', and received a response yesterday saying that my application was still in process and had to be reviewed by the division manager. It seems as though some regions are still finalizing their decisions whereas others have already made their selections. So I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for now I guess. Edit: I forgot to say I applied for Master's Scholarship for Graduates of All Academic Disciplines, in case it matters.
  3. DSegundo

    DAAD 2019-2020

    I'm also wondering the same, as my funding dates changed today a couple hours ago, but my status was updated to 'Selection Made' rather than 'Funding'?

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