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  1. 1 hour ago, Thirteen said:

    Question for those that also received full funding from UCSD, did your financial award letter reflect this? I received an email a few weeks ago notifying me of full funding + stipend but on the letter I received yesterday it only states that I have been given California tuition fees. Does money to cover the rest of it come from another source? Did they make a mistake in either of the emails? Curious to hear from others @Ajb415 @hammyc @TheSAfiltercoffee

    I was also offered full funding, and my official letter correctly stated one year of non resident tuition and fees and one year of resident tuition and fees. Maybe worth emailing the GPS admission office about it? Sounds like they must have made a mistake in your letter.  

  2. 11 hours ago, kraeblossom said:

    @tough_choices Not crazy at all! The financial aspect is a big deal, although it sounds like your SAIS debt would be manageable over time (pure speculation -- everyone's financial situation is different!)

    I'd think the most about where you want to be and what networks you want to access. Coming from DC, if you feel like you have a solid network here, then branching out to the West coast could expand your network without limiting your future options if you later decide you want to be back on the East coast. If you envision yourself in DC longterm, and want to strengthen your connections here, I'd consider SAIS. If you can, it'd also probably be a good idea to visit UCSD to get a feel for the area.

    It sounds like you can't go wrong either way, but that UCSD gives you financial freedom without sacrificing program quality. Congrats on your offers!

    It’s true that the debt from SAIS would probably be manageable—I just have avoided taking out any significant loans so far, so it seems like a lot even if it is relatively not that much. I will be attending both admitted student days to get a sense of the schools and communities, but I do think I would like to expand my network and get some experience on the west coast. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts—I really appreciate it. 

  3. Coming from: 

    Washington, DC, currently working in the human rights field

    Deciding between:

    UCSD GPS: Full tuition + $11k/year stipend (COA ~$10k/year)
    Johns Hopkins SAIS: 85% tuition scholarship (COA ~$25k/year)
    Other factors:
    Cohabiting with the boyfriend for at least a year of GPS and for both years of SAIS so that will help offset cost of living in a big way. 
    How I'm leaning:
    Is it crazy that I'm leaning towards GPS? Not only will my debt look significantly different, but GPS faculty are almost entirely full time professors while SAIS seems to rely heavily on adjunct lecturers, and it seems like there are quite a few opportunities for student-faculty research collaboration at GPS. Also, GPS' research institutes are a stronger match for my interests (I would like to pursue research opportunities during my program). Both programs offer the quantitative bent that I’m looking for, and I don’t intend to pursue a federal career. I'm just not sure if I should be putting more stock in the SAIS name and location.
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