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  1. As the April 15th deadline approaches I am unsure what is the right decision to make. My options are 1. University of Florida Ph.D program - Full funding + 20k a year stipend/ 4 years 2. UCSD Global policy school M.A - Full funding 3. UVA Ph.D program - Waitlisted currently 4. Columbia M.A - No funding Option 1. Take UF offer. Its close to home, good funding, summer job at nearby college. Option 2. Take UCSD MA offer. Strong political science program, potential to transfer to Ph.D program Option 3. Wait until 11th hour for UVA offer. If no offer, back to either 1 or 2. Option 4- Retry next cycle with strong SoP and Quant GRE score. At a total loss currently
  2. Sounds like about 30% of students work as RA or TA. Not sure how many hours per week however. Unrelated note, does anyone know the ability to transition to a ph.d program after completion of the masters.
  3. Just received email for full funded MIA program. Super exciting news. Tough decisions ahead. Anyone know the likelihood of getting a graduate assistant position?
  4. Any idea on likelihood of getting off waitlist? I was waitlisted for CP at UVA
  5. After seeing waitlist, acceptance, and rejections from UT- Austin, what are my chances of being accepted at this point if I have heard nothing
  6. Waitlisted at UVA. The decision is an attached letter to portal FYI
  7. Seeing multiple UT-Austin admits. Any hope still?
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