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  1. I wasn't awarded an offer last year, but I knew people who were waitlisted and would've loved to hear this. So here it is.. I got a PGS-D for committee 201, will also be declining the offer for due to Vanier. Good luck all!
  2. Same!! Good luck to everyone in this thread! I will be declining the award if I was granted one when the results come out!! Best of luck you guys
  3. I'd like to tell you guys that if you weren't fortunate in this round, you can always work on your application and reapply if you're still eligible. Last year I didn't apply for Vanier, but applied for PGS-D and didn't get it, and I hadn't even started the PhD at the time. This year, I applied to PGS-D (Didn't hear back yet) and Vanier, and got the Vanier this year. Some notes, I didn't have any publications, just 1 conference presentation, and 1 conference paper, and 1 Paper submitted (later to be rejected). I scored 5.5 in research potential. However, I always maintained a
  5. Did anyone hear anything today?
  6. Did you see the announcement made today? Here it is. It says " In the coming weeks, funding opportunity competition timelines will be modified to reflect the required changes. In the meantime, it can be expected that competition and peer review activities will not take place before July 2020." does this include the Vanier??
  7. Did anyone hear anything yet?
  8. Are they being late this year?
  9. Yeah the auto reply last year said mid-April too. And only the winners got their emails on March 28th. The rest had to wait till they got the snail-mail mid-April
  10. The automated reply last year also said the same thing though! i remember the winners received E-mails on the 28th of March, while everyone received the official notification of result in the mail mid-April. I was one of the unfortunate souls who had to wait! So hopefully this year it's the same. They just say that so people wouldn't keep asking them questions. However, in the official update posted on the website, the one you put the link above, it says that CGS-M is delayed while C/PGS-D is still as is. Here's to hoping
  11. The latest update posted today says the results are proceeding as planned with no delays. Nothing new still. They said delays will be communicated, but so fat the only delay announcement received is the automated reply you received?
  12. Last year the awards were 2 or 3 years depending on how much time you have left. This year it was changed to 3 years only, yet people with 2 years left are still eligible to apply. So I was wondering how would that work? would there be an extra year of funding? In all cases, this year I'm sure there will be delays given everything that's happening in the world. COVID-19 and all...
  13. It's about that time of the year again! Does anyone know what happens if you only have 2 years left in your PhD program? Given that the awards are all 3 years now.
  14. Then i guess this confirms that anyone who didn't receive an email is either Rejected or waitlisted.
  15. No the email they sent me wasn't the Automated reply, it was directed to me, short, and with blue text for some reason... but it said the same thing. "Results of the 2019 PGSD competition were mailed last Friday. Thanks, Scholarships and Fellowships Division"
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