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  1. I would definitely ask them, especially if you've heard that others have interviewed. Most schools send out interviews all at once.
  2. Hey guys, I've been monitoring without posting but I just wanted to answer a few questions people had. So I applied to Harvard, Yale, Brown, UPenn, Northwestern, UNC, Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic as a neuroscience applicant. I got interviews and offers from Northwestern, JHU, UNC and UPenn. I ended saying yes to UPenn today. I interviewed with JHU 2 weeks ago and got an offer the next day. I think they've most likely selected everyone by now. Northwestern did interview in the second and third week of february and sent offers a few days after. UNC did Skype and is still doing in person. I got UPenn acceptance the day after the interview, they might still send out offers if you interviewed last week but i'm not sure. I did not hear from Harvard, Yale, Brown or Mayo Clinic.
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