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  1. Hi! 1. Undergrad degree: major in Math (with Statistics track) and minor in Econ (Western-style university in Kazakhstan) 2. Undergrad GPA: 3.54 3. GRE scores: 167 Q, 152 V, 3 AW; IELTS 7.5 4. 1 publication (first author) in NLP, 1 research internship in South Korea, 1 working internship but no real work experience (just graduated from the university). I applied to only three universities in the US. Accepted: NYU MS in Data Science, UIUC MS in Statistics-Analytics Rejected: Columbia MS in DS
  2. Yes, I responded on the same day.
  3. Thank you! Yes, I also expect decisions about WL to start at the 15th - 20th of April. The strange thing is that people with higher GPA and GRE were rejected (according to gradcafe), but I was placed to WL. So now I don’t know what to expect from the admission committee.
  4. Hi Louise! You said here that you were placed in the WL for NYU DS. Have you already received an admission? I am also in WL (NYU DS), but still waiting for the decision. I thought they would start sending updates in the middle of April. Thank you and congrats for your admissions!

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