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  1. Oh okay, thank you!! That is good to know then. Registering was going really well until I hit that last course and couldn’t find it anywhere 😅 So thank you for the peace of mind!
  2. I’m accepted to Alberta and was registering for my classes. For the class “Int D 410: Interprofessional Health Team Development” was anyone able to find it? I could not find it in the search! Thanks!
  3. Omg I would LOVE this too! I’m attending U of A as well in Fall
  4. I received my official letter in my portal yesterday. It changes from under review to conditioned acceptance where you can accept or decline their offer -yours is very likely coming very soon!!
  5. Omg!! That is awesome, congrats!!!! What good news!!
  6. Thanks I heard back on March 28th! Is Alberta where you are planning on accepting then? I really want to accept their offer so anxiously waiting!!
  7. Congrats on the waitlist for Dal! Did Alberta directly tell you that having pre reqs still being completed is an disadvantage then? I got accepted into Alberta and am currently still finishing 2 pre reqs as well. I hope Dal works out for you!
  8. I haven’t yet heard anything more either.... super anxious too!! I would think soon.....
  9. Hey, congrats on getting accepted!! I also got accepted to the U of A and have not received the official admission letter yet!!! I know its always nice to check with other people and know they are in the same boat 😅
  10. How is U of A going now?? I just found out that I was accepted and it is my dream school
  11. Hi everyone! I just found out a couple days ago that I got accepted into Univeristy of Alberta! So if you have any questions about the application, just let me know!! Good luck to everyone who is waiting to hear back
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